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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from a copywriter who's been in your audience's shoes. No stranger to injury disability imbalance or chronic pain. I know how your target market feels.  Herniated Discs. Neck Pain. Radiating Pain. And more. Trauma. Injury. Rehabilitation. Struggle Persistence. Perseverance. Every  step a cause for celebration. Show your audience what the climb to rehabilitation feels like. The results and  benefits of success. Victory. Let me inspire your target market. Allow them get to know you. Keep your audience engaged with Blogs. Content. Case studies. Allow relationships to develop. Patients are looking for answers. Captivating engaging informative copy showing results and benefits of chiropractic... Hope is the strongest emotion. Your audience wants someone they can connect with. Someone to show what recovery feels like. Give your target market what they want. The ability to feel  rehabilitation. What recovery will be like. Captivating. Engaging copy. Inspiring  emotional copy showing empathy and passion. From a peer who's walked in their shoes from A to Z. Herniated Discs. LBP. Neck Pain. Osteoarthritis. Plantar Faciitis etc. And yes I am living it now. Persevering. To your benefit. Having  overcome lumbar surgery, two hip replacements and cervical surgery I understand the pain of misalignment....AND I'll always be under chiropractic care. Allow your target market to develop. Let new relationships form. Allow them to grow. Attract new patients. They want someone who knows their pain...Engaging real-time copy makes you human.  Makes you shine. Now you're their hero. A star. Let the personal touch grab attention. Arouse emotion. Bring action. Yes I write about what’s dear to you and me: Core Health and Proximal-to-Distal Sequencing---The Nucleus of Mobility.  We are in a Healthcare Crisis...I am determined as you to make a difference. Let me help you show the benefits of chiropractic care.

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Engaging your target market gives patients reason to trust you. Allow me to engage  them with stories of rehabilitation perseverance and success. Show them  results of determination and persistence. Give weekly health updates with a BLOG.  Stand apart. Let people know you identify with them. Show you understand their pain. Show  benefits of spinal alignment. Allow me to paint pictures. What it feels like. And what they can 

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Your patients want to see results and benefits. They want to see how you'll help them. Allow me to paint pictures to satisfy their wants and needs. Give your target market what it wants. Use their language. Let  your target market know you're aware their pain. Show images of rehabilitation. Show inflammation as being the leading cause of pain. Show proof of chiropractic. Fixing the cause with proof. How treating  misalignment decreases inflammation and pain.  Let me dig up staggering statistics. Show cause for increased disease, chronic pain disability...early death. Paint pictures of these conditions. How they effect quality of life. I'm living proof. Conquered trauma and rehabilitation.  Determination. Education 15+ years of chiropractic and endless thirst to succeed and make a difference define me. Pain Management is a crisis.  Reach more patients.  Educate about treating the cause of pain...I'm a perfect example. A spokesperson. Show your customer results of your work. How will they feel during adjustments. How will they feel when their body is aligned.  Total Health is a piece of the puzzle. Set yourself apart. Allow me to find  the Golden Nugget. Answer your patients questions. Allow me to tap into your prospect's unconscious. Peak interest. Arouse the senses. Imagine how your customers will feel when they know you can  relate to their issues. Then captivating, engaging stories leave lasting impressions.  Move your audience to action without their knowledge. Wind the Golden Thread  throughout your copy. Become human to your target market. Let your copy shine.  Become the STAR. Allow your Target Market to visualize and be convinced   recovery is more than just a dream.  


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about me. I hope you enjoy my site and take a moment to drop me a line.