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The Diagnosis: She won't make it and if she does...I am a survivor. mental recovery. Physical recovery.  I inspire  with truth. Real stories. My experience. Good and bad.  My progress to help you overcome your challenges. Your pain. No stranger to immobility. Disability. Imbalance. Chronic pain. I know how you feel. Childhood accident. Trauma. Injury. Herniated Discs. Neck Pain. Radiating Pain. Aging. lower back surgery. Hip replacements. Cervical Surgery. And the road to  rehabilitation. Struggle Persistence. Perseverance. The long road to rehabilitation. Let me show you how to  improve your health. Look for my health blogs:  Spinal Alignment and health benefits of Wine. Increase mobility function of the central nervous system and general health. Questions need answers. Let me help you.

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Welcome to the weekly and bi-weekly spinal alignment  and soon health benefits of wine blog. Be health conscious. Determination and persistence should always be on your mind. Avoid health problems. Minimize disease. Natural degeneration. You're never too young. Never too old. Be proactive. Age gracefully.  Avoid disease. Avoid immobility. Avoid premature disability. Your health is your greatest asset. Retain activities of daily living. Think what's down the road. Your quality of life. Your longevity. Follow with me. Allow me to paint pictures. Having  overcome lumbar surgery, two hip replacements and cervical surgery I understand the pain of misalignment....AND I'll always be under chiropractic care. Yes I write about what’s dear to you and me. Follow me as I share what works for me. See my research. We are in a Healthcare Crisis... Don't take unnecessary medication. No more side effects. We can take less prescription medication. Increased energy. productivity. And No more side effects. And make a difference in the Opioid Crisis!

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Someone knows your pain. Inflammation is the leading cause of pain. Fix the cause of pain not just the symptoms. Treating misalignment decreases inflammation and pain.  Let me dig up staggering statistics. Show cause for increased disease, chronic pain disability...even premature death.  Quality of life is in jeopardy. I'm living proof. Conquered trauma and rehabilitation.  Education and 15+ years of chiropractic  due to early onset of Osteoarthritis. A progressive disease causing chronic  pain.  Research and finding alternative treatment for the cause of pain is what I do for myself. It's become my passion my mission. And I'd like to share it with you.  Make A difference...Recovery is more than just a dream.

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