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Discover prevention symptom of PCOS   inflammation pain and natural degeneration disease Avoid immobility and disability with healthy spine and spinal alignment Reduce prescription medicine and avoid side effects   for better health and wellness. Nobody can do it for you !

Reduce Chronic Pain...

Accident heppen every day

someone suffers each and every day from injury Two million people are injured from automobile accidents per year according to CDC  Car crashes rank highest among caparison countries. And mine was not motor vehicle accident The family was on vacation...



Reconstructive surgery

Physical Therapy 

Speech Therapy

Plastic Surgery



Back Surgery

Hip Replacement  (one two and three)

Neck Surgery


Plantaar Fasciitis


I know how you feel! Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Trauma hospital Rehabilitation center Doctor and nurse help  save my life  Thank you!!!

Avoid Surgery If Possible

Treat and avoid chronic pain disability  and immobility Find out  is surgery necessary  Try prevention...

Learn From Experience

Discover natural remedy Try what works for me Reduce prescription medication side effects exhaustion frustration Feel better  Look better  Treat the cause not just the symptom You have everything to gain nothing to lose! 

Discover Self Help Below

Take care of yourself  Learn from  a peer  Someone who has a vested interest in writing a natural alternative health blog Reduce and avoid agony frustration anxiety Discover natural  remedies that work for me and many other people just like me Imagine relief You have nothing to lose Everything to gain!

Improve Quality Of Life...


Feel Great

Be the boss Know what goes in body reduce pain anxiety and frustration Treat the cause of pain not just the symptom Non side effects and money with natural alternative medicine  and alternative medicine  Improve lifestyle like it used to be Find Quality Of Life And Longevity  More...

Improve Health Right Now

Pillow Talk - Like A Waterbed


I use the chiroflow pillow Water based pillow Reduce neck pain Improve sleep and comfort Wake rested Less pain No  neck pain headache dizziness Look and feel better I suffer due to pain from an accident surgery after surgery misalignment and unfortunate disease Reduce cervical pain like I did not long ago with this pillow Just one more way I use to reduce pain and agony Found best price  from my chiropractor Do my best to help you from experience Available on Amazon.

Drink Water


As we age our body degenerate naturally Body needs more water to stay hydrated Avoid dehydration  Avoid wrinkles  

Eight eight ounce glasses or two liters or half gallon recommended per day according to health authorities Mayo Clinic The 8x8 Rule. Helps spine stay healthy Spinal adjustment easier and last longer

Enjoy Sunshine


Vitamin D 

As we age we do not get enough sun! Take the dog for a walk garden water flowers relax with a book Do not forget sunscreen Your body will thank you!  Short story Recently my daughter went to the lake She wore as much sunscreen as years ago. My baby girl  couldn't sleep that night Sunburn! Blisters Sun poisoning! 

Do not let this happen to you!! 

Adopt A Friend


Mans best friend Walk play and snuggle me Increase mobility I will be at your side Be your best friend Please don't tie me outside! Adopt a cat if mobility issue Cats are easier to take care of Feline play with bottle cap or plastic fork Silly cat! 

Essential Oils


 Avoid Anxiety Reduce depression Oldest form of pain relief coming soon Follow me now and be the first to know about  Upcoming  News so much more than meets the eye!

Hobby And Conversation


A purpose Accomplishment A passion Keep mind busy Something you enjoy Make new friends My hobby turned into a purpose and then a mission: Make A Difference Find out about pain relief at home without leaving home Meet the author Discover natural health improvement remedy on the following pages...


Women with PCOS have higher prevalence of IBS compared to healthy controls according to US National Library of Medicine When IBS is present with PCOS a higher BMI and percent body fat is seen compared to PCOS alone After years of battle my new doctor my primary care physician gave me a simple answer "Your body does not tolerate certain foods anymore"