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Discover benefits of spinal alignment. My mission is to help you improve health. Reduce pain. Reduce disease. Reduce immobility. Improve mobility. Improve rehabilitation process. Improve health and wellness.  Make a difference at any age. Make decisions  after the facts. Including PCOS. Explore basic  information first. Referenced health information. Government links. Health information links. Mayo Clinic Links...and links. Then take it from there. Spinal alignment. The central nervous system. Health conditions. Disease prevention. Its all connected. Discover how to improve health and wellness. Learn The Benefits of Wine....Save time with research. Be informed. At a glance. Reduce pain. Improve health and welfare. Quality of life and longevity.

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Discover how to improve health. Recover. Find  hope and strength. Discover information to let you live and love again.


Health is your greatest asset. Avoid health problems. Be informed how with alternative to traditional medicine. Alternative medicine. Better than alternative medicine. Natural alternative medicine. Safe effective natural and proven. Learn how the body can heal itself. Reduce inflammation. Minimize disease. Avoid immobility and disability. Be proactive. Get informed. Improve rehabilitation. Improve rehabilitation. Improve rehabilitation results. It's never too early or too late to take care of yourself. Reduce pain. Improve activities of daily living. Learn what you can do to age gracefully. Avoid premature death. Your health is your greatest asset. Keep quality of life. Retain activities of daily living. Think positive. Your quality of life is what matters. Having  overcome lumbar surgery, two hip replacements and cervical surgery I understand pain and recovery. The pain  of rehabilitation.  Like and follow me as I share what works for me. Pain chronic pain increase health issues. We are in this together. No one's immune from aging. We're in a Healthcare Crisis...Think reducing  prescription medication. Think less side effects. Increase energy vitality and productivity...


Someone knows your pain. Inflammation is the leading cause of pain. Pain the leading cause of disability. Reduce inflammation. Reduce pain. Fix the cause of pain not just the symptoms. Treat misalignment. Reduce pain. Decreas pain.  Let me dig up staggering statistics. Quality of life is in jeopardy. Increase health and welfare. I'm living proof. Learn the benefits of wine in moderation. Conquered trauma and rehabilitation.  Education and 15+ years of chiropractic care due to early onset of Osteoarthritis. Making a difference. More than a job. It's my passion and now my mission. Recovery can be more than just a dream. Every step is cause for celebration. Discover e-books I've written. Novels based on true stories. Get inspired and more

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Discover health information and links for better health. Reduce pain disease immobility disability and more. At a glance health resource month after month. Your health is your greatest asset !

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I know how you feel. I understand  pain.  Misalignment. Health conditions. I've been in your shoes A to Z.