Pain Management
Including Acupuncture
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Reduce prescription medication

Avoid reactions

No side effects

Reduce  Pain Anxiety and Depression

Reduce Neck Pain NOW

Alternative Medicine

Hope. Let me tell you  story. She defied the odds. Endured years of rehabilitation. Overcome multiple surgeries. Suffers Osteoarthritis Fibromyalgia Plantar Fasciitis...She turns her negatives into positives. Here's a woman in the same shoes. Fight chronic pain. You can too. Treat the cause of pain not just the symptom.  Body emotion & soul . Scroll down for pain remedies I use.



The Foundation Of Better Health And Welfare

Spinal Alignment


Reduce back pain sciatica cervical pain neck pain depression and anxiety disease. Improve mobility balance focus blood flow agility even eyesight. Improve Health. Take a look. Learn how to cope. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

At My Home You Will Find...

Ice Packs & Heating Pads


Cold reduce inflammation

Hot Improve blood circulation

Gel pads used as both hot and cold  penetrate tissue deeper. 

Pro Messager


Used in my chiropractor's office years ago. Good for all over the body. Penetrates deep into tissue.

It takes some getting used to. Apply some pressure so pro messager doesn't tickle.



Nerve stimulation reduce pain alleviate pain avoid pain for a while.

Wrap Around Ice Pack


Strap this around you when you work or play. Directions say the gel pack can be heated too. I choose not to.

Foot Messager


Bottom of feet have nerve endings. promote blood flow. ease aching feet. 

Support Belt


Back support and pain relief. I wear mine tight. Follow me. You can do this. You are strong!

What Else Improves Health - Mine Too

Pillow - Like A Waterbed


I use the chiroflow pillow. Water based pillow. Reduce neck pain. Improve Sleep. Comfort. I slept all night. No headache dizzy neck pain. Sooth stress. Quality sleep. Restore energy. Look and feel better. Be more production. Best investment...



As we age our body degenerates naturally and the body needs more water to stay hydrated. Avoid dehydration. Avoid wrinkles. 

Eight eight ounce glasses or two liters or half gallon recommended per day according to health authorities. The 8x8 Rule. This helps spine stay healthy and adjustments are easier and last longer.



Vitamin D 

As we age we do not get enough sun!

Dog (waiting at the shelter)


Mans best friend. You will have to take care of me. Remember the doctor said move right? I like lots of walks. Maybe a cat is easier  to take care of.  Be prepared for  love and kisses. 

Essential Oils


Oldest form of pain relief. Avoid Anxiety. Reduce depression. 

Acupuncture coming soon. Follow me on Facebook and be the first to know when and where...

Hobby And Conversation


Find a passion. Something you enjoy doing. A hobby gives purpose. My hobby turned into a purpose and then a mission: Make A Difference.  Find out about pain relief below...

Which Essential Oil To Use For Which Condition

Essential Oils For Pain Relief


Specific oil for specific condition. And Animals are family too!

My Passion Has Become My Mission

Knowledge = Power


Research from reputable Websites (Mayo Clinic Webmed Association of Chiropractors government sites) for easy access to information including advice I get from my doctors.

Experience A Teacher


Years of struggle rehabilitation pain and chronic pain. Physical and mental. Multiple surgeries Osteoarthritis Fibromyalgia headache migraine Plantar Fasciitis.  Think positive. Turn negatives into positives. Experience has taught me what I know. And never quit education learning to improve your health condition...



Make a difference for yourself and others. I am your peer. I know how you feel. My passion to help myself turned into my mission to help people in chronic pain. Better health and feel better too. Mental heath and physical heath too!

I Know How You Feel Because I've Been There


The Healthcare Crisis, rehabilitation, lumbar, cervical, hip , misalignment,  recovery, disability

Reduce chronic pain back pain disease.  Improve central nervous system organ function anxiety and depression. Spinal alignment. Treat the cause of pain not just the symptom. Avoid pain naturally. Reduce anxiety. Reduce frustration. Reduce depression. Pain management. Find hope. Discover quality of life. Age gracefully...l

sometimes we care too much series



Health is your greatest asset.  Avoid health problem health condition prevent disease. Spinal alignment improves blood flow. Improves central nervous system function. An overview of chiropractic.  Chiropractor  gives  pain management. Find out how and why. My long term pain solution. Reduce prescription medication. Learn how the body can heal itself. Reduce inflammation. Reduce pain Avoid immobility Reduce disability. Keep mobility activities of daily living productivity. No side effects of prescription medicine. Regain quality of life.

Goals for You



Been in your shoes. I know how you feel.  Trauma agony struggle rehabilitation . Severe back pain at 20. Lumbar fusion at 31. Diagnosed with early Osteoarthritis.  Two hip replacement. Ball and socket joint bone on bone. Cervical surgery. Plantar Fasciitis.  Treat the cause of pain like I do. Natural Alternative medicine. No more band aids. staggering statistics. My passion and now my mission to help you.  Discover my story.

Health at A Glance



Drug free pain management. Natural alternative medicine and alternative medicine. Be surprised. Be encouraged. Be inspired. And more...

Acupuncture Coming Soon