Physician-Based Alternative Medicine


Alternative medicine under doctor supervision Reduce even eliminate prescription medication

Repair Central Nervous System


31 pairs of nerves arise from the spinal cord Each pair of nerves connects the spinal cord with a specific part of the body

Renew The Body


Alternative Medicine used in Europe Asia China for years Natural  No side effects Health is your greatest asset Coming soon Physician Based Alternative Medicine  


Choose Natural Feel The Difference




Feel Great

Look good Feel better knowing what goes in my body I can be The Boss I can help myself reduce pain anxiety and frustration Treat the cause of pain not just the symptoms Get rid of the source of pain Get rid of what hurts me Reduce prescription medication side effects time and money Improve my quality of life and longevity 

Natural Alternative Medicine And Alternative Medicine Imagine No Side Effects

Doctors start to accept Alternative Medicine and Natural Alternative Medicine  Natural Treatment Curbs Opioid Crisis Avoid pain inflammation disease health condition Avoid prescription medicine and side effect Treat the cause of pain not just symptom Reduce frustration and depression Never too young or old to improve your health Be the Boss You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 



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Improve Health Yourself

Pillow - Like A Waterbed


I use the chiroflow pillow Water based pillow Reduce neck pain Improve sleep and comfort Wake rested Less pain No  neck pain headache dizziness Ready and able to enjoy day More productive Less Stress Quality sleep Improve sleep drastically Restore energy Look and feel better I suffer due to pain from an accident surgery after surgery misalignment and unfortunate disease Reduce cervical pain like I did not long ago with this pillow Just one more way I use to reduce pain and agony Found best price  from my chiropractor Do my best to help you from experience

Ask your chiropractor about pillow

Also available on Amazon.



As we age our body degenerate naturally then body needs more water to stay hydrated Avoid dehydration  Avoid wrinkles  

Eight eight ounce glasses or two liters or half gallon recommended per day according to health authorities Mayo Clinic The 8x8 Rule. This helps spine stay healthy Spinal adjustment easier and last longer

Look better Feel better longer

Stay healthy....



Vitamin D 

As we age we do not get enough sun! Take the dog for a walk garden water flowers relax with a book...And do not forget sunscreen Your body will thank you!  The sun is much stronger than when we were kids Let me tell you a story Recently my daughter went to the lake She wore as much sunscreen as years ago. My baby girl  couldn't sleep that night Sunburn! Blisters Sun poisoning! 

Don't let this happen to you!!

Adopt A Friend


Mans best friend But remember you have to take care of me I like to play snuggle and fetch the ball Lots of walks The doctor said move We can play as much as you want to. And I will be at your side. I will be your best friend if you let me Think about adopting a cat if mobility is an issue Kitty cats are easier to take care of I hear Feline  likes to play with bottle cap or plastic fork Silly cat Anyway be prepared for love and kisses  And do think about adopting my friends Thank you!

Essential Oils


 Avoid Anxiety Reduce depression Oldest form of pain relief Acupuncture  coming soon Follow me now and be the first to know the latest update news and information Be the first to learn about  Daisy Acupuncture so much more than meets the eye

Hobby And Conversation


Find a passion Something you enjoy A hobby gives purpose Keep mind busy. Sense of accomplishment Make new friends My hobby turned into a purpose and then a mission: Make A Difference Find out about pain relief at home without leaving home Meet the author below Discover natural health improvement remedies on the following pages...

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Drug free pain management Try Natural pain remedies Reduce prescription medicine Prescription Medication would have killed me by now! 

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