Choose To Be A Survivor

Been There: OR Rehabilitation Surgery Therapy...


I known pain and agony I have been there a few times The struggle is real Chronic pain  anxiety frustration exhaustion...Given a second chance at age six Struggle rehabilitation high school college Experience makes you stronger Chain of surgeries  starting again at age 30 Learn from someone child teen woman lady has and is in your shoes

  1. Trauma (almost killed her)
  2. Lower back surgery-Lumbar surgery
  3. Hip replacement (both legs)
  4. Neck surgery (cervical surgery)
  5. Early Osteoarthritis
  6. Plantar Fasciitis 
  7. Misalignment 
  8. Chronic pain
  9. Pain management

Perseverance and determination my second name Discover how to reduce pain anxiety and frustration disease immobility disability Keep activity of daily living Age gracefully Be all you can be  My mission is to make a difference.

                      Spokesperson/Author of this Website.


My Purpose:

Make a difference for those in similar situation Struggle strive fight another day every day I know how you feel! Giving you information encouragement inspiration for strength energy even purpose

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Tragedy To Triumph

Near Fatal Accident


Vacation turns to tragedy



Remote area No adequate hospital only treatment center  One emergency room after another Life flight Trauma center hospital to rehabilitation center where consciousness returns after few week 

Struggle and Rehabilitation


Imagine learn to talk walk feed yourself everything like a newborn. 

Author and Speaker


Encouragement  and inspiration from experience Peer Someone who has been there Someone in your shoes Through ups and downs of mental and physical pain Novel based on true story five books encouragement and inspiration Keep head held high Experience best teacher Experience makes you stronger 

I will help myself

I will beat the odds

I will not give up

I am a winner

Orthopedic Exercise Specialist


Accept your challenges Turn your challenges to opportunity Positive mental attitude No matter what age Orthopedic Exercises use body weight At home exercises Don't need a gym  or gym membership I like doing them when watch TV Play with the dog while you stretch shadow box crunches leg lifts...Lose fat gain muscle Look and feel better today tomorrow next week next year Improve life and longevity Age gracefully !

Author of This Website


I hope you find some valuable information to reduce inflammation and reduce pain Improve health and welfare

Regain activities of daily living

Improve quality of life Treat the cause of chronic pain not just the symptom or symptoms Imagine waking up in pain less pain every day until one day the pain is gone Better health No more chronic Pain

I want this for you!

Natural Medicine


Personally I like to know what goes into my body I like to have control of my health  Be the boss Control what I spend  and feel comfortable with a doctor behind my pain management  with Daisy Acupuncture 


Daisy Acupuncture Coming Soon

Physician Based Acupuncture - Natural Pain Relief



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