Why Choose This Mentor


Bad accident concussion broken bone struggle recovery surgery rehabilitation over and over again and aging not kind. I can relate to your pain Listen to your body and seek alternative medicine Let me show you result from experience But first

Encouragement And Inspiration


Pain Agony Been there a few times Struggle chronic pain anxiety frustration exhaustion Given a second chance at age six Physical and mental pain  Rehabilitation No fun But builds character Discover the road Learn  how one woman recovered  Someone that has been in there maybe in your shoes...

  1. Trauma (almost killed her)
  2. Lower back surgery-Lumbar surgery
  3. Hip replacement (both legs)
  4. Neck surgery (cervical surgery)
  5. Early Osteoarthritis
  6. Plantar Fasciitis 
  7. Misalignment 
  8. Chronic pain
  9. Pain management

Determination and perseverance builds character makes us  stronger No was not in my vocabulary No is not an option Experience makes us stronger!  Discover how


My Purpose: Make a difference for those in similar situation Struggle strive fight another day every day Keep activity of daily living Age gracefully Be all you can be  My mission is to make a difference.

Spokesperson/Author of this Website I know how you feel!

Information encouragement inspiration Fight  conquer Be done with pain!

Tragedy To Triumph

Near Fatal Accident


Vacation turns to tragedy!



Remote area No adequate hospital Life flight One emergency room after another Trauma center Hospital Rehabilitation center where consciousness returns...

Struggle and Rehabilitation


Learn to stand talk walk feed yourself everything like a newborn...

Author and Speaker


Encouragement  and inspiration from experience Someone who has been there Someone in your shoes Through ups and downs of mental and physical pain Keep head held high Experience best teacher Experience makes you stronger 

I will help myself

I will beat the odds

I will not give up

I am a winner 

I can do this

I will win!

Orthopedic Exercise Specialist


Orthopedic Exercises use body weight At home exercises Don't need a gym  or gym membership Watch TV Play with the dog Stretch shadow box crunches leg lifts...Lose fat gain muscle Look and feel better today tomorrow next week next year Accept your challenges Challenges become opportunities Positive mental attitude no matter what age or condition! 

Author of This Website


I hope you find some information to reduce inflammation  reduce chronic pain Improve health and welfare Regain activities of daily living Improve quality of life Imagine waking up in less pain every day until one day the pain is gone  gain strength and prosper

 Yes  want this!

Reduce Pain Improve Quality Of Life

Pain Can Go Away


Discover how to reduce chronic pain misalignment anxiety and frustration disease Immobility Disability 


central nervous system function health condition activities of daily living 

Quality of life and Longevity

Treat the symptom until you finish treat the cause

Discover what  Chiropractic  can do for you 


Natural Medicine


I like to feel comfortable with my pain management doctor Like to know what happens to my body Like to have control of my health naturally And like to know I get quality not quantity for the best price!


Walk With Me

You are not alone


Keep Your Eye On The Ball

One foot in front of other

You are a STAR  a Superstar



Experience makes me stronger. I can handle what life throws at me now.  I  can do this. I will persevere!

In case you would like to know

My Journey


This is my journey after given a second chance;  


College Graduate (Mktg/Comm)

Author of Marsha's Adventures 

Orthopedic Exercise Specialist 

And now...

Author of The Hidden Piece of the Puzzle  Get help now Information from Spokesperson