Acupuncture in Nut shell

Acupuncture treatments help body internal organ correct imbalance  Experience pain relief improve body regulation energy...Channels of energy run in regular patterns through and over the body like a river to nourish tissues An obstruction in movement of energy act like a dam prevent water flow Acupuncture needles  unblock barrier reestablish regular blood flow through meridians  Needling acupuncture point stimulate the nervous system Release chemicals muscles spinal cord and brain Health Improvement!  

Acupuncture Oldest Form Of Pain Relief

Acupuncture Popular and Beneficial

 Acupuncture stimulate rejuvenate and improves body senses. originated in China.  Acupuncture dates back to 100 BC. Widely used Alternative medicine in western world. Reduce pain stimulate healing restore flow of "GI" promote relaxation. Acupuncture can treat many disorders and conditions Headache Migraine Peripheral nephropathy Sciatica Low back pain Osteoarthritis  Acute bronchitis Eye disorders Mouth disorders Gastro intestinal disorders Constipation Neurological & Musculoskeletal disorders More information from National Institutes of Health  NIH  Studies from Center For Integrative Medicine show acupuncture helps health condition like...


Healthy Body Healthy Medicine

You are What You Eat

Less Prescription Medicine

Help The Doctor Treat Me


   Medical acupuncture influence three areas of healthcare: promote health and well being prevent illness and treatment of various health condition Treat the cause of the health issue not just symptom!

Help The Doctor Treat Me

Less Prescription Medicine

Help The Doctor Treat Me


Healthy means little inflammation fatigue sickness disease immobility disability  as we age Discover how chiropractic controls alignment Let  acupuncture increase blood flow Improve activities of daily living  Quality of life and longevity Age gracefully!

Less Prescription Medicine

Less Prescription Medicine

Less Prescription Medicine


Supplement with essential oil under supervision of doctor Discover how to improve health conditions naturally   Find out  which essential oil doctor of Western medicine with specialty designation in acupuncture  recommends for you! 

The Consultation - What To Expect


The Needles

Thin acupuncture needles insert to different depths on various place on the body From experience the needles do not hurt. The doctor in this case ( coming soon) may gentle twist or move the needle A little uncomfortable I thought But keep end result in mind---Pain Relief and so much more...

When I know acupuncture is work...

My senses feel more alive Hear see smell better feel increase sensation Imagine a tuneup Perform big great Higher performance of  your body Health Enjoy quality of life and longevity...

A Few Visits

Takes a few acupuncture visit

treatment session to experience full effect pain relief...

Prepare For Acupuncture Appointment

The doctor  (Yes a doctor coming soon) will give a short list of preparation instruction at initial consultation. Nothing difficult!

Take It Easy

Take it easy for the rest of the day!! Rest and relax enhance physical and emotional balance of acupuncture session. Stay well hydrated!!!...

After Acupuncture

Avoid alcohol and coffee after acupuncture appointment!!!...