Acupuncture Oldest Form Of Pain Relief

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 Acupuncture originated in China. Acupuncture dates back to 100 BC. Widely used Alternative medicine in western world. Reduce pain stimulate healing restore flow of "GI" promote relaxation. Acupuncture can treat many disorders and conditions besides Pain Anxiety Headache & migraine Peripheral nephropathy Sciatica Low back pain Osteoarthritis  Acute bronchitis Eye disorders Mouth disorders Gastro intestinal disorders Constipation Neurological & Musculoskeletal Disorders More information from National Institutes of Health  NIH  Studies from Center For Integrative Medicine show acupuncture helps health condition like...

PCOS affects one in 10 women of childbearing age You are not alone PCOS dear to me because my daughter suffer from PCOS Health condition Relief from Doctor Based Acupuncture coming soon But first...


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Cleanse the body Lose weight Decrease disease Reduce symptoms of PCOS and other health condition... 

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As the system gets back to normal the body function get back to normal Normalcy means Less inflammation fatigue sickness disease  unnecessary age progression....

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