Health Benefits of Wine

Wine Like Sex has Benefits


Quality not quantity. Wine. The taste. Mood. Atmosphere. The experience. There are books on the health benefits of red wine. Millennial's are looking for more than a good wine. Let me explain…

Melennials professionals retirees everyone is talking about it. The health benefits of wine. The latest research may surprise you. There is endless wine information. Countless references to sift through. Find information. Statistics. And fun facts about wine. Discover the benefits for your total healthcare.

The number of producing wineries in United States has risen from 6,357 in 2009 to 9,654 in 2018. California being the major producer with 4,391 wineries in 2018. Sales totaled $2.9 billion in April 2018. 1 The fires in California will have a big impact on supply and demand and price of wine. With the trend toward alternative avenues for better health read on…

Two worlds collide. Melennials are less focused on tradition. Spending habits are driven by experiencing new and exciting products. You want that perfect glass of wine. Health is your greatest asset!  Drink responsibly!


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More and more evidence shows there are serious benefits to drinking wine. Drink Responsibly