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Why Me



My 1st Testimonial


My College professor wrote forward of my first professional accomplishment.

“Confined in a world of silence she awoke after seven weeks Ines experienced a kaleidoscope of life experiences that makes Marsha’s Song : A Celebration of Life a good read for anyone whose life is touched by apprehension disappointment pain and torment

Ladder Of Success


 She met and surpassed her own expectations and mine as well Freeing her spirit through hard work intellectual and personal growth and accomplishment As a college student Ines was determined to meet every challenge she faced”   

Perseverance Brings Success


 "After a few moments of conversation one knew that Ines was a person who struggled mightily It was all there in her eyes Eyes that contained a road map of a lifetime of of challenges encountered and challenges overcome"

Anthony J Mussari PH.D.

Professor and Chairman

Mass Communications/Media Technologies Department

Kings College 

Wilkes Barre PA

Health Improvement

Treat The Cause Of Pain Not Just The Symptom


You are never too old to improve health condition. Find out how. But first...


Improve health  Do it yourself. What steps you can take Learn from experience I have had Improve pain going forward Body degenerates naturally with age Why we get older Reduce aging process with natural remedy Lifestyle change brings positive change: better health and welfare! 

This Make Sense


Life starts with spinal alignment healthy nervous system proper function Childhood adult old age No one immune Do not forget accident and disease Catches up with you Everyone ages with aches and pains But look better Feel better at any age Improve activities of daily living Improve quality of life and longevity

Life's Purpose - Why Am I Here

Health - Your Greatest Asset


"You have a purpose " Listen to the voice like I did And still do "You are here for a purpose" Make a difference My journey started as a hobby Envisioned a goal Make a plan Have a dream One step at a time One foot in front of the other up the ladder

This is my journey after given a second chance at life Planned it that way:

College Graduate

Author of Marsha's Adventures 

Orthopedic Exercise Specialist 

And now...

Author of The Hidden Piece of the Puzzle....

Share knowledge and experience

Accept Encouragement And Inspiration


Keep going. One step at  a time

Small accomplishments lead to bigger Accomplishments and goals. Imagine your destination.

I did and  I still do!

Positive attitude. Determination hard work perseverance 

Ask for help and be pleasantly surprised 

Find hidden inner strength 

Keep going my friend Realize your Dreams 

Let me be your cheerleader

Life is hard

Hardship makes you strong 

You can do this!

Determination and Perseverance! 

Determination & Perseverance...


Keep Moving

Use the body or lose mobility!


Fight the pain

You got this!

Reach For The Stars


 Positive thoughts and Positive Action

Follow a mentor

Keep Learning

Keep look for answers

Don't be discouraged


Never Give Up!

Coping With Pain

Reduce Anxiety and Depression


You are lucky Many people do not know the power of human body to heal itself You find out how here The alternative health knowledge experience and information come from the author of this website A peer Accident Surgery resulting conditions pain rehabilitation chronic pain I have been there In your shoes I know how you feel Make a choice to fight pain Anxiety and depression Avoid negativity Find a passion Lighten brighten the day Try to forget the pain Numb the pain Improve immobility anxiety depression health and welfare  any age  Improve mobility Look up Orthopedic Exercise online Sedentary behavior make condition worse Take it From me One who beat the odds. Lifetime of pain Use natural alternative medicine and alternative medicine for pain relief Reduce prescription medication Spinal alignment the only way I can make it through the day You are not alone!


Improve quality of life and longevity

Physical and mental pain is debilitating

Discover pain management: natural alternative medicine and alternative medicine

Ines is the author and spokesperson of this Website

At My Home You Will Find...

Ice Packs & Heating Pads


Cold  reduce inflammation

Hot Improve blood circulation

Gel pads used as both hot and cold  penetrate tissue deeper

Pro Messager


Used in my chiropractor's office years ago. Good for all over the body Penetrates deep into tissue. Tingling sensation Does not hurt No problem get used to Just apply 

 some pressure with Pro Messager 



Nerve stimulation reduce pain alleviate pain avoid pain for a while

Wrap Around Ice Pack


Strap this around you when you work or play to reduce inflammation Directions say the gel pack can be heated too I choose not to Mine break after a few times in microwave Use heating pad for blood circulation

Foot Messager


Bottom of feet have  nerve endings promote circulation blood flow Ease aching feet I use Apple Cider Vinegar and water and soak feet to relieve tension

Support Belt


Back support  helps reduce pain and helps me walk I wear mine tight Follow me You can do this You are strong!

Doctor Based Acupuncture

Pain Go Away

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