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You are lucky Many people do not know the power of human body to heal itself  I know how you feel Make a choice to fight pain anxiety and depression Avoid negativity Find a passion Lighten brighten the day Numb the pain Improve immobility anxiety depression health and welfare at any age  Improve mobility Look up Orthopedic Exercise online Sedentary behavior make condition worse Take it From me One who beat the odds Pain debilitates energy mobility quality of life Use natural alternative medicine and alternative medicine for pain relief Reduce prescription medication with Spinal alignment  Discover how Central nervous system has to  work before healing can begin 

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Work at office Computer programmer Data entry Research Secretary Accountant Mother Father Student Office worker Engineer Research Assistant Paralegal Nurse Doctor Lawyer Nobody immune from Neck pain and back pain Get help as soon as possible before damage sets in or gets worse spine  linked to  total body function central nervous system  migraine head ache even eye sight

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Chronic Pain health condition Sciatica foot pain shoulder pain neck pain stiff numb tingling Fibromialgia arm pain leg pain nauseous anxiety depression desperation thought of suicide lower back pain muscle strain weakness dizziness bone pain joint pain balance issues injury imbalance misalignment  Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis spine issue Bursa Bursitis Tendinitis subluxation fracture...

You are not alone

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PCOS And IBS Linked Find Help

 Women with PCOS have higher prevalence of IBS compared to healthy controls according to US National Library of Medicine When IBS is present with PCOS a higher BMI and percent body fat is seen compared to PCOS alone After years of battle my new doctor my primary care physician gave me a simple answer "Your body does not tolerate certain food anymore"   

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You are never too old to improve health condition Find out how I do it move forward and keep going How to work through pain But first...

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Do it yourself healthcare Be your own boss Learn from experience Improve pain Go forward not backward Body degenerates naturally with age Becomes weak diseased brittle Avoid immobility Reduce aging process with natural remedy  Avoid degeneration disease Make a lifestyle change A positive change Better health and welfare A better you! 

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Life starts with spinal alignment healthy nervous system proper function of organs and extremities Childhood adult old age No one immune from aging And do not forget accident and disease catches up with you Childhood trauma catches up with you Everyone ages with aches and pains But you can look better feel better at any age Improve activities of daily living Improve quality of life and longevity