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The Daisy Effect  Reduce  Eliminate Prescription Medicine 

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Acupuncture recognized by World Organization treatment treats wide range of problems including:

  • Digestive Disorders 
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Psychological disorders
  • Skin disorders
  • Rheumatalogical disorders 
  • Neurological disorders
  • Muskuloskeletal disorders
  • Urinary menstrual and fertility disorders 

Treat the cause of pain not just the symptom with Daisy Acupuncture  

Essential Oils and More


Improve Mind And Body Relieve restore rejuvenate mind and body 

Relieve and improve health condition... 

  • Daisy CBD 
  • Daisy Essential Oils 
  • Daisy Medicinal Herbs 
  • Daisy Stem Cell and Rejuvenation Medicine

Feel look and perform better today with Daisy Acupuncture...

Avoid Medical Condition


Medical based practice offering holistic approach Improve health and welfare. Manage and treat acute and chronic health issues Reduce or eliminate pain Reduce or eliminate prescription medicine Musculoskeletal pain Stress related disorder Treatment safe and effective

Doctor Based Acupuncture


Doctor based acupuncture encourages natural healing and function Reduce pain Increase activities of daily living Improve quality of life and longevity Avoid chronic pain disease health condition immobility disability...

Acupuncture successfully treats... 

  • musculoskeletal problems
  • nausea
  • migraine
  • anxiety and depression
  • insomnia
  • infertility

The number of acupuncture treatments needed depends on the condition according to the Mayo Clinic

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Acupuncture 2000 years old More people have been successfully treated than all other types of health approach combined Health care widely used overseas Used more and more in US Acupuncture safe used together with Western medicine: osteopathic or chiropractor adjustments and homeopathic or naturopathic prescriptions     

Acupuncture Oldest Form Of Pain Relief...

Acupuncture originated in China.  Acupuncture dates back to 100 BC. Widely used Alternative medicine in western world. Reduce pain stimulate healing restore flow of "GI" promote relaxation. Acupuncture can treat many disorders and conditions besides Pain Anxiety Headache & migraine Peripheral nephropathy Sciatica Low back pain Osteoarthritis  Acute bronchitis Eye disorders Mouth disorders Gastrointestinal disorders Constipation Neurological & Musculoskeletal Disorders More information from National Institutes of Health  NIH  Studies from Center For Integrative Medicine show acupuncture helps health condition like:

PCOS affects one in 10 women of childbearing age You are not alone PCOS dear to me because my daughter suffer from PCOS Doctor Based Acupuncture  can help... 


Combining Holistic Integrative Allopathic Treatments

Physician Based Acupuncture How It Works


 Needling the acupuncture points stimulate nervous system to release chemicals in muscles spinal cord and brain  Chemicals change experience of pain or chemicals release other chemicals and hormones that influence bodys own regulation system Improved energy and biochemical balanced produced by acupuncture results in stimulating the bodys natural healing abilities promoting physical and emotional well being according to medical acupuncture Daisy Acupuncture 1998 Hendersonville Road Suite 45 Asheville NC 28803 Phone 828-232-1955 FAX 828-232-0329 

Acupuncture practiced widely in Asia Russia Europe and now more and more in America by patients and physicians Acupuncture Treatments can be given same time as conventional Western medicine: osteopathic chiropractor adjustments and homeopathic or naturopathic prescriptions Be sure to let your doctor know everything! 

In other Words

How Acupuncture Works

An obstruction in flow of energy released An obstruction in movement of energy like a dam that blocks flow of river Like a roadblock dam restrict or cut off water flow to tributaries the blood vessels which feed the body...


Acupuncture At Work

The World Health Organization


 The World Health Organization recognizes use of acupuncture in treatment of wide range of problems listed above... 

Back Alive And Kicking


...Acupuncture needles unblock obstruction at dam and reestablish regular blood flow Body rejuvenated after a few treatments depending on health condition Help body recover

  • internal organs
  • digestion
  • absorption
  • energy production
  • circulation

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Medical acupuncture performed by doctor trained and licensed in Western medicine with training in acupuncture as specialty practice Medical Acupuncture  system can influence three areas of healthcare: promotion of health and well being prevention of illness and treatment of various medical conditions

 Age Gracefully!

Medical Based Holistic Approach


Manage and treat wide range of acute and chronic health issues Specialize in musculoskeletal pain and stress related disorders Safe and effective treatments 

One Step At A Time


Encourage body to promote natural healing Eliminate reliance on pharmaceutical medication Rejuvenate mind and body 

One step at a time!



Every little step cause to celebrate Treat yourself Have a little party Time for celebration Move forward Find a health buddy Follow a mentor...


Daisy Acupuncture

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Daisy Acupuncture

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