Reduce Disease

Take control of the body Chronic pain disease health condition  immobility anxiety depression disability that robs health and welfare happiness and  quality of life and longevity "I have choice though I reduce inflammation and disease every day and you can too

Avoid Cause of Disease


Mental Health Crisis

Depression and suicide rising. According to CDC one person dies from suicide every 12 minutes Depression on rise 60 percent of  people who commit suicide suffer from major depression Research suggests psychiatric condition include depression substance use disorders and psychosis are connected to suicidal thoughts attempts and successful suicide Get warning sign Exercise Get involved!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1-800-273-8255

Obesity Bad For Brain

Physical activity known to increase maintain and improve neorocognitive health according to National Institute of Health Recent evidence links obesity with abnormal changes in brain health function and cognitive decline Brain thinning accelerate aging process according to National Institute of Health NIH Overweight and obese causes many other health issues including  but not limited to Heart disease!

Back Pain Number One Reason for Missed Work

Back pain is on the rise Nine out of ten people do not know the primary cause of back pain Back pain robs quality of life Treat the cause of back pain before chronic pain becomes way of life Your choice!

Processed Food Autism Connection

Autism on the rise. Processed food on the rise A study suggests a connection Pregnant mom baby developing child young adult please be aware More study necessary for a definite link between Autism and processed food. But if there is a chance I rather be safe than sorry! 

Take Care Of The Body And It Will....

Take care of YOU! The body can heal itself if you let it Give it the right formula Eat healthy spinal alignment exercise keep learn ing keep an open mind positive mental attitude Live better Live longer Be happy and healthy Gain motivation to move forward And never quit Discover the possibilities But first...


The Opioid Crisis

What Can I Do

Pain and chronic pain both physical and mental number three reason for doctor visit Pain is the most common reason for missed work Back pain leading cause of disability Physician visits (for lower back pain) lost wages and decreased productivity costs Americans over $100 billion per year  Think about cervical pain disease immobility...

Pop an aspirin Take prescription one two and three Need higher dosage Addition to prescription medicine happens fast and furious! Body develops tolerance and less than unhealthy brain adaptation

Now get  help Get Answers for natural pain relief Treat cause of physical pain  and symptoms of reduced physical pain until chronic pain is memory. Avoid become victim of  The Opioid Crisis Start NOW!

Call To Action

About 21 to 29 percent of patients prescribed Opiods for chronic pain  misuse them Estimated four to six percent who misuse prescription Opioids transition to heroin  A  serious National Crisis!!! 

Make A Difference!!!

My Qualification For This Website


Information comes from personal experience Opt not to take pain killers Opioid if possible Let me show you what is possible from my experience...

Side Effects


Treat the cause of pain and be done with it No side effects addiction to prescription medicine Reduce prescription medication Be free of  affect  and effect of prescriptions Feel better... 

Feel Better Now


Curb stress anxiety depression 

Vitamin deficiency as we age  especially women Ask your doctor Sudies suggest not enough Vitamine D can cause Osteoporosis according to Mayo Clinic

Little By Little


One Step At A Time




Every little step cause to celebrate Treat yourself Have a little party Time for celebration Move forward Find a health buddy Follow a mentor...

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD



No solid evidence food additives or consistent link between diet and ADHD according to Mayo Clinic A healthful diet may reduce symptoms of ADHD by reducing exposure to artificial colors and additives and improve intake of Omega 3 fats and micro nutrients... according to Harvard Medical School



ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and impulsiveness complicates daily functioning May contribute to developmental difficulties according to Healthcare Medicine Institute Imbalance muscle tone  causes imbalance in brain activity When chiropractors adjust ADHD patient spine balance restored in brain one theory Case in point young boy my son benefit from chiropractic The child calm er less anxiety less agitation less nervous My son behave better at home less anxious perform better in school academic and social Peace at home Thank you...



Acupuncture improves outcomes for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Acupuncture increases the efficiency of  biofeedback treatments and is also effective as a stand alone therapy for children with ADHD according to the        National Institute of Mental Health


Control portion size Everything in moderation Avoid overeating sick and disease Reduce Obesity Avoid become a national statistic!

Imagine The Possibility The Future


Ability to fit in grow learn advance grade school high school college grad school Thrive! Be the best you can be Give Children deserve the best The next generation Their future Alternative Medicine and Natural Alternative Medicine This is the future our future!

Health Conditions

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome PCOS


Mom I gain weight when I look at food I can not find cloths to fit me There has to be something I can do to lose weight



Fibromyalgia a complex issue Firomyalgia can cause pain in soft tissue areas like muscles and joints Estimated 10 million Americans are affected according to National Fibromyalgia Association NFA Condition associated with wide spread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue sleep memory and mood issues Mayo Clinic  I have symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Peripheral Neuropathy


Result of damage to nerves outside the brain Cause weakness numbness and pain usually in hands and feet according to Mayo Clinic Peripheral Neuropathy can be caused by traumatic injury infection metabolic problems inherited causes exposure to toxins Most common cause: diabetes Neuropathy can affect motor skills and muscle strength Symptoms of Neuropathy can effect one part of the body as well as the whole body.  A friend of mine has Peripheral Neuropathy

Coming Soon


Fibromyalgia Explanation


 Nearopathy found in significant numbers of Fibromyalgia patients And Half had some form of immune system dysfunction Fibromyalgia too complex an issue for a "one size fits all" explanation according to Oaklander associate professor of Neurology Harvard Medical School

Plantaar Fasciitis


Foot Camps Feet hurt Feet ache Feels like  daggers in feet  Progressive condition Calves hurt Back of  lower leg hurts Can not stand for a long time Can not walk Need to sit down from time to time Why is this happening to me you ask. Spinal misalignment due to aging injury childhood accidents... I have been there I know how you feel Here are exercises for pain relief I have used  And  with coffee in the morning put a frozen bottle of water on the floor  Roll feet around the frozen bottle back and forth all the way to heel This helps my foot pain...Explanation of  PF according to Mayo Clinic