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My Mentor Wrote The Foreward for My first Book


  “Confined in a world of silence,she awoke after seven weeks Ines experienced a kaleidoscope of life experiences that makes Marsha’s Song a must read for anyone whose life is touched by apprehension disappointment pain and torment She met and surpassed her own expectations and mine as well Freeing her spirit through hard work intellectual and personal growth and accomplishment As a college student Ines was determined to meet every challenge she faced” 

-Anthony J Mussari, PH.D. - Professor and Chairman Mass Communications/MediaTechnologies Dept. Kings College 



Ever notice a person with handicap compensate for handicap. Challenges make you stronger if you let them challenges build strength Inner strength builds character. Purpose brings reason to go onward Move forward my friend for success Purpose turns to a mission One step at a time This is called  misfortune turned around Negative to positive One step at a time One success leads to another Be patient Success breeds success Let someone that been there give you some ideas show you how I pulled through Show how I make it through another day I know how you feel Experience is golden Success breeds success however small. Positive attitude some Say positive mental attitude persistence  and perseverance goes a long way It did for me to this day Positive attitude necessary for the rest of life

Don't give up! 

Never give up!


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Spokesperson of rehabilitation. Accident coma surgery after surgery Osteoarthritis misalignment back surgery hip replacement neck surgery Plantaar Fasciitis... 

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