Discover A Miracle

Experience Was Her Teacher

  Marsha’s Adventures. A Miracle child no doubt, Marsha survived the unthinkable. Then came lower back surgery. Hip replacement. neck surgery. Next Marsha was diagnosed with early Osteoarthritis. Misalignment caused more chronic pain. Plantar Fasciitis.  Marsha does special exercises now. She is a walking miracle. Her challenges turned into purpose. A mission. Her purpose. There are millions of accidents in the US per  year, leaving countless handicap with challenges. A family vacation can instantly turn into a nightmare. Marsha’s climb from being deemed a vegetable by her doctors showed unrelenting strength. Persistence. Conviction. And perseverance . She overcame her devastating handicaps, one step at a time. Marsha’s road to recovery was and continues to be laced with shear courage, determination and perseverance. Marsha’s iron will to overcome and succeed comes out in how she handles devastating life situations.  Her experiences inspire others in similar situations. I am Marsha and would like to help you make a difference for someone in pain. I invite you to follow me on my  blog

What Makes Her Tick

A purpose is a powerful motivator!

Living through a life changing   ordeal gives one a different perspective. Sometimes the person accepts help persists and perseveres. He or she pursues goals. Goals lend themselves to opportunities. Purpose propels her forward on her chosen path to helping those that are in pain. Ines has turned her misfortune into positives. One step at a time.  

 “Confined in a world of silence, she awoke after seven weeks. Ines experienced a kaleidoscope of life experiences that makes Marsha’s Song a must read for anyone whose life is touched by apprehension, disappointment, pain, and torment….She met and surpassed her own expectations and mine as well…freeing her spirit through hard work, intellectual and personal growth and accomplishment…As a college student, Ines was determined to meet every challenge she faced.” -Anthony J Mussari, PH.D. - Professor and Chairman Mass Communications/MediaTechnologies Dept. Kings College