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  “Confined in a world of silence, she awoke after seven weeks. Ines experienced a kaleidoscope of life experiences that makes Marsha’s Song a must read for anyone whose life is touched by apprehension, disappointment, pain, and torment….She met and surpassed her own expectations and mine as well…freeing her spirit through hard work, intellectual and personal growth and accomplishment…As a college student, Ines was determined to meet every challenge she faced.” -Anthony J Mussari, PH.D. - Professor and Chairman Mass Communications/MediaTechnologies Dept. Kings College   


What Makes Her Tick

Handicaps challenges can make you stronger. Strengthen you. Purpose brings reason for success. Purpose turns to a mission. One step at a time. A misfortune turns around. Negative to positive. One success leads to another. One step at a time. Let someone thats been there show you the way. I know how you feel. Experience brings knowledge for success. Success breeds success. Positive attitude. Persistence. Perseverance. 


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Discover spokesperson of rehabilitation. I know how you feel. Encouragement and Inspiration make good books. Ebooks. Follow in the footsteps of a hard journey. "I can't do this," was never in my vocabulary.  Discover Marsha's Song A Celebration of Life below

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Marsha's Song: A Celebration Of Life


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