Reduce Anxiety


Slide In To A Routine

Slide In To A Routine

At home now Play with your children Clean the kitchen Vacuum the house Mop the floor organize the office clean car garage Body movement  Exertion Every little bit help 

Good Job!

Slide In To A Routine

Slide In To A Routine

Slide In To A Routine

Routine good for baby children adult like you and me Know what to expect and what need done Organize mind help harmonize 

 mental and physical health!

The Mind

Slide In To A Routine

Cuddle Fur Baby

Don't give up What make you happy Challenge your mind Be creative Set a little time for yourself Sometimes everyone else is more important Don't lose you "If moms not happy nobody is happy!"

Cuddle Fur Baby

Exercise With Television

Cuddle Fur Baby

Fur baby love to have you at home Like mine yours may be curled up next to you  Supervise you your office Inspire you And relax  snuggle and kiss you Stress relief  Unconditional love They depend on you Cherish...

I pamper my fur baby  below...

Exercise With Television

Exercise With Television

Exercise With Television

A little story: I work at home At night after dinner when dishes done after news I start with stretching to favorite show a few Ortho  Exercises You are boss This can be real workout !

Calm The Nerves

Exercise With Television

Exercise With Television

Do not wait until you have a moment alone for anxiety reducer Calm nerve reduce stress Feel better all day Discover which oil for what condition  below...

Essential Oils For Human

You Deserve to Feel Better!

Discover which oil for which condition Oils use to  relieve inflammation and reduce pain. Pain and chronic pain unique to the individual Pain is not the same for everyone Oils work differently for each person You may also try combining essential oil to reach personal pain level relief 

Pain Relief Only

Ginger Oil

Black Pepper Oil

Clove Oil

Pain Tension and Swelling

Peppermint Oil

Helichrysum Oil

Marjoram Oil

Pain and Swelling

Lavender Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Roman and German Chamomile Oil

Rosemary Oil

Yarrow Oil

Tension and Swelling

Cypress Oil

Sandalwood Oil

Tension Relief Only

Clary Sage Oil

Juniper Oil

Swelling Only

Arnica Oil

Lemongrass Oil


Essential Oil Reduce Anxiety

Improve Sleep

 Stress all around us Stress causes health issue depletes immune system invite health  issues health conditions lead to immobility disability even death STOP reduce stress with essential oils! Lavender Jasmine Holy Basil Bergamot Sweet Bazil Rose Camomile Vetiver Ylang-ylang and Clay Sage Though essential oil can be used topically I like to use them in diffuser to avoid skin irritation  How to diffuse in diffuser: 1) Fill diffuser with water 2) Add couple drops of your favorite essential oil 3) Plug in diffuser and GO...

Pain Relief For Pets But Be Careful!!!


Essential Oil for Pet



fur baby...

Not all essential oils are animal friendly

Pet Poison Hotline 



Information  and poisonous oil for pets

Our pets are family too!


Acupuncture Popular With Horsemen Horsewomen


Horse clinic help area horse owners to rehabilitate old  steed gelding I saw it with my own eyes. Animal could not walk rehabilitated with acupuncture needles  inserted at acupuncture sites. Animal in pain rejuvenate.  You can see  pain free in the animal's  brown eye s How beautiful!