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Balance affects the body physically and functionally Balance is vital for walking and daily activities Orthopedic Exercises help balance  Balance exercises can prevent Injury 



Coordination is the ability for smooth body movement. Balance and coordination are closely related. Coordination gives the ability to focus on an object ahead while walking. Not easy as we age. But repeated exercises show results of ability of rehabilitation As an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist clients learned balance with support of bars for weeks Slow movement of arms in unison Eventually with weights Walking slowly one foot in front of the other This was my personal experience too   



Core strength. Strong stomach muscles saves the back Reduces back pain Discover Orthopedic Exercises and real testimonials Healthy back  Pain free back Keep it that way. Stay mobile flexible active Improve activity of daily living and health at any age It will take some work and dedication Go Easy You can do this!

Circuit Training


Circuit training builds muscle while providing cardiovascular benefits. Great thing about circuit training is you can  customize   exercise and exertion to your ability level.

Orthopedic Exercise


Orthopedic exercises based on using your own body weight Ability to use all the muscles in the body. As an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist in my younger days added low weights for exercise progression Advance balance and coordination  blood flow strength and muscle needed for daily activity. Bonus: Orthopedic Exercise  Body weight exercises at home Whatever time you like At own pace.



The body like a car constructed in a specific way When one part damaged  the car does not function properly Ignored vehicle works less and less until your transportation breaks down Quits That's it. The body works same way.  Injury falls misalignment inflammation illness disease and and natural aging make the body break down Cause immobility disability and death You have a choice Run until breakdown or Regain quality of life. And I need me time rest and sleep REM sleep even better!

Reduce Headaches Migraines Dizziness

The Body Heals


The body heals when we sleep Six AM time to wake up Get up Rise and shine. You hit the snooze button You feel like you have not slept all night Don't let this happen to you.

When We Sleep


Since I found the ChiroFlow pillow I sleep all night Cervical alignment no matter how I sleep No matter what sleep position ChiroFlow pillow feels like  a waterbed without the price of one. I was at my wits end when I got one. The best $60 spent in a while! The ChiroFlow pillow has payed for itself. Dont need to see my chiropractor as often for neck pain.

Pain Relief


Improve sleep with comfort.Reduce stress Improve energy and productivity 

I wish someone had told me about the ChiroFlow pillow a long time ago!

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