Movement The Key To Life




We are meant to move  Exercise to your ability Take it from experience of an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist I invite you to Testimonials And Discover Orthopedic Exercise from ACE Fitness (scroll down pictures provided) where I got trained At home exercise One step at a time my friend! 

Young Old or In Between


Never too old to improve central nervous system mental or physical health Need unobstructed blood flow Choose chiropractor and Daisy Acupuncture I use both!

Make It Happen


Choose life liberty from immobility and disease Improve activity of daily living and quality of life Think of people who love you Your family friends the people that need you Yes  I like updates about natural health care I will learn how to play to reduce chronic pain improve health for better quality of life My family friends especially my children and grandchildren need me I have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Easy Exercise

Make the decision to increase activities of daily living Increase movement range of motion ROM endurance Squat instead of bend to pick things up  to strengthen your legs Save your back spine  health and welfare Strengthen core Discover Orthopedic exercise Build coordination balance Improve rehabilitation Mind and body development with Martial Arts at any age Special groups available Find  the strength within!

Easy Does It



Balance affects the body physically and functionally Balance is vital for walking and daily activities Orthopedic Exercises help balance  Balance exercises can prevent Injury 



Coordination cognitive ability improve with repetition little by little Be patient to improve Perseverance for Improvement Coordination gives the ability to focus on an object ahead while walking. Not easy as we age  As an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist clients learned balance with support of bars for weeks Slow movement of arms  legs fingers...Walking slowly one foot in front of the other This was my personal experience too 49 years ago Been in your shoes   



Core strength Strong stomach muscles reduce back pain Discover Orthopedic Exercise Healthy back  Pain free back Strengthen stomach muscles with age progression Keep it that way. Stay mobile flexible active Improve activity of daily living and health at every age Go Easy You can do this!

Circuit Training


Circuit training good exercise equipment for senior Balance issue and coordination no problem. Build strength Increase activities of daily living Slow repetition for best result build strength Feel better!

Orthopedic Exercise


Orthopedic exercise based on using your own body weight Ability to use all the muscles in the body. Exercise progression Advance balance and coordination blood flow strength and muscle All needed for activities of daily living Bonus: Orthopedic Exercise  Body weight exercises at home Whenever and at your own pace Do not forget stretch to keep limber Stay active Prevent depression at all cost!



The body like a car constructed in a specific way When one part damaged   car does not work well Break down more and more until Quits Body works same way Injury falls misalignment inflammation illness disease and natural aging  Body break down disease immobility disability death You have a choice Run until breakdown long painful road right Get back to health NOW...

Pelvic Physical Therapy


Coming Soon

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display 

Reduce Headaches Migraines Dizziness

The Body Heals


The body heals when we sleep  You go to bed late You can not sleep Up during the night Finally get back to sleep Six AM  wake up time Rise and shine You hit the snooze button One more time I am tired can not move Need coffee More sleep... 

Don't let this happen to you

When We Sleep


Since I found the ChiroFlow pillow I sleep all night Cervical alignment no matter how I sleep No matter what sleep position This pillow feels like  a waterbed without the price.  Recommend it I do not need to see my chiropractor as often for neck pain. Sleep all night most nights

Pain Relief


Improve sleep with comfort Reduce stress Improve energy and productivity 

I wish someone had told me about the ChiroFlow pillow a long time ago!

More information

Got mine from my chiropractor Also get more information about specific health condition and spine conditions 

Encouragement And Inspiration From The Author

Rehabilitation A Long Road


Hold on to Hope The strongest motivator Nothing worthwhile comes easy Be strong You got this!

Tragedy To Triumph


Each step cause for celebration Trauma rehabilitation multiple surgery rehab disease  Chronic pain rest of my life immobility disability hard  Improve pain and health condition at any age.  Join the struggle Win with the author of this Website

Determination And Perseverance


Repetition makes perfect

Let me encourage you 

Work through the pain  with me

Let me inspire you

One step at a time! 

Words To Live By


Have respect for yourself Be proud of where you have been What you have overcome Who you are! 



Challenge makes us stronger Sets us apart Develop the person Challenges make you strong Set a goal Make a plan Be proud You are a winner Determination and Perseverance Surround yourself with reliable information positive people. Follow a mentor Keep learning Do not stop Positive mental attitude And do not take NO for an answer! I made it and so can you 

You are a winner too!

Marsha's Adventures - The Series



Novels based on true stories

Encouragement and inspiration

For your reading pleasure...


Success Story

Been There Done That!!!

Every surgeon told me "You are an excellent candidate for this surgery because you take care of yourself are in good shape and not overweight"  Please take care of yourself Discover my secret   Imagine what your medical condition  could be Discover my road map Learn  how I can help you improve Your Future!

You are an adult aches and pains start then escalate Body does not forget childhood accident  or trauma Age progression  Aging happens to everyone Natural degeneration start at forty 40 But move Stay active when young middle age baby boomer senior and prevent rapid bone loss and muscle loss Exercise through out life Avoid misalignment Feed and protect the spine...

Stay healthy and young longer Let me tell you  story My history sparks my  passion  A road of survival struggle rehabilitation determination and perseverance to this day until day I die I know how you feel Been there A to Z!

How did she do it My teenage years were in gym nautilus equipment improve build coordination balance issues and strength  Treadmill  for endurance training Gym my second home for years Wilkes Barre PA Pittsburgh PA  Arlington VA Crystal City VA Miami FL Ft Lauderdale FL Atlanta GA  and Ashville or Asheville NC 

Keep moving Exercise as much as you can for the rest of your life!

Miami  FL friend  attacked  That scared me Do something about the situation  Joined Martial Arts Self defense Build stamina and control Mind and body    discipline Exercise the mind and body at same time Great exercise Children develop self discipline for  excellence in all they do

Giving back a beautiful thing!

Adoption A few books Orthopedic Exercise Specialist Chronic pain Website include research and links from Mayo Clinic Webmed  Daisy Acupuncture with my experience and share results from methods procedures medical equipment essential oils and other products Treat the cause of pain whenever possible Less prescription medication

I want to make better health and welfare possible for your kids family friends and grandchildren Make the decision for better health and longevity today Prevent disease immobility disability Commit to lifestyle change   look and feel better today tomorrow next week next year...