Win with Real-Time Experience

Set Yourself Apart

When your target market  knows you  empathize with them they'll know you care. They'll identify. They'll want to talk to you even more. --Urgency-- Then give your target market Golden Nuggets to continuously inform. Hold interest. Keep them reading.  Your facts real-time peer evidence results benefits encouragement and inspiration brings action. Build relationships...sell products and services. You want to increase your sphere of influence...and you want to make sure it's the perfect fit.

1. Do you customize?

There are three basic plans to choose from. But yes you  may have add ons .

 3. What's your timeline?

 It  depends on the specifics of the job, if you supply information, and how long you take to review the work. A single page of copy, 500 words, can be turned around in a week or less. Your review being prompt. 

4. Can I suggest changes to your copy?  

Yes! By all means. I invite collaboration. However, if you suggest a change that, in my professional opinion, is unwise, I’ll advise against it, then leave the final decision to you. 

5.  Do you have a discount for a yearly agreement?

Yes, 15% Discount yearly contract

 6. Do we need to meet in person?

No. Only in rare cases is a face-to-face meeting required. All correspondence can be over the phone or via email.