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Research from reputable Websites (Mayo Clinic Web Med Pain management doctor Association of Chiropractors My pain management doctor Easy access to information and advice  

Experience aTeacher


Years of struggle rehabilitation pain and chronic pain Physical and mental pain Multiple surgeries Osteoarthritis Fibromyalgia headache migraine Plantar Fasciitis. Experience is sometimes best teacher Turn negative into positive Education Learn how to improve your health condition...

My Purpose


I know how you feel! I am your peer  Lifetime of struggle pain frustration My mission: Help people in chronic pain feel better improve activities of daily living Improve quality of life Age gracefully!

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My Qualification For This Website


Information comes from personal experience and research Reduce pain killers Opioids Let me show you what is possible from my experience...

Side Effects


Treat the cause of pain and be done with it No more side effects Reduce Addiction  Reduce prescription medication Be free of  affect on the body Free of effect of prescriptions Feel better... 

Little By Little




Every little step cause for celebration! Good Job! Treat yourself and move forward Find a health buddy Follow a mentor...

I Know How You Feel


The Healthcare Crisis, rehabilitation, lumbar, cervical, hip , misalignment,  recovery, disability

Health is your greatest asset!

Reduce chronic pain Improve central nervous system organ function anxiety and depression  Discover how spinal alignment treats the cause of pain not  just the only symptom Avoid chronic pain naturally Reduce anxiety frustration depression Find pain management Regain activities of daily living quality of life!



Avoid health problem health condition prevent disease Discover Spinal alignment  Improve blood flow central nervous system organ function and function of extremities  Discover how the body can heal itself Reduce inflammation leading Cause Of Pain Reduce pain Avoid immobility Reduce disability Keep mobility activities of daily living productivity Improve quality of life and longevity!



Been in your shoes. I know how you feel.  Trauma agony struggle rehabilitation Severe back pain at 20. Lumbar fusion at 31 Early Osteoarthritis  Hip replacement right and left: Ball and socket joint bone on bone. Cervical surgery. Plantar Fasciitis Avoid health condition Treat the cause of pain before you end up like me  And like I still do Natural Alternative medicine No more band aids staggering statistics 

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 Day and night Day after day Weak after week Year after year Discover how the author of this site knows agony struggle and rehabilitation...


Day and night Day after day Week after week Year after year Discover how the author of this site knows agony struggle and rehabilitation Discover my qualification for this Website then how to go on Move forward...




Live with chronic pain until the day I dye  immobility disability How hard life can be But improvement is possible One step at a time no matter how old you are.  Discover my qualification to produce this website NOW...