Hobby Becomes Passion Became Mission

Knowledge Power


Research from reputable Websites (Mayo Clinic Web med  Pain management doctor Association of Chiropractors Government site for easy access to information including advice I get from my  pain doctor.

Experience A Teacher


Years of struggle rehabilitation pain and chronic pain  Physical and mental Multiple surgeries Osteoarthritis Fibromyalgia headache migraine Plantar Fasciitis. Experience has taught me what I know. Turn negatives into positives And never quit education Learn how to improve your health condition...



Make a difference for yourself I am your peer I know how you feel I am your age My passion comes from a lifetime of chronic pain My mission to help people in chronic pain Look better Feel better Improve activities of daily living Improve quality of life Mental heath and physical heath!

Age gracefully!

I Know How You Feel


The Healthcare Crisis, rehabilitation, lumbar, cervical, hip , misalignment,  recovery, disability

 Health is your greatest asset Reduce chronic pain back pain disease Improve central nervous system organ function anxiety and depression  Discover how spinal alignment treats  cause of pain not only symptom Avoid chronic pain naturally Reduce anxiety frustration depression Find pain management Regain activities of daily living Find hope Return quality of life Yes I can Age gracefully!

sometimes we care too much series



Avoid health problem health condition prevent disease Spinal alignment improves blood flow Improves central nervous system organ function and function of extremities An overview of chiropractic Pain management Find out how and why Pain solution Reduce prescription medication Learn how the body can heal itself Reduce inflammation leading Cause Of Pain Reduce pain Avoid immobility Reduce disability Keep mobility activities of daily living productivity No side effects of prescription medicine Improve quality of life and longevity

Goals for You



Been in your shoes. I know how you feel.  Trauma agony struggle rehabilitation Severe back pain at 20. Lumbar fusion at 31 Early Osteoarthritis  Two hip replacement: Ball and socket joint bone on bone. Cervical surgery. Plantar Fasciitis Avoid health condition Treat the cause of pain like I still do Natural Alternative medicine No more band aids staggering statistics My passion became my mission  Discover my story

Health at A Glance

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder



No solid evidence  food additives or consistent link between diet and improve symptom of ADHD according to Mayo Clinic A healthful diet may reduce symptoms of ADHD by reducing exposure to artificial  colors and additives and improve intake of Omega 3 fats and micro nutrients... according to Harvard Medical School



ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and impulsiveness complicates daily functioning May contribute to developmental difficulties according to Healthcare Medicine Institute Imbalance muscle tone  causes imbalance in brain activity When chiropractors adjust ADHD patient spine balance restored in brain one theory Case in point young boy my son benefit from chiropractic The child calm er less anxiety less agitation less nervous My son behave better at home less anxious perform better in school academic and social Peace at home Thank you...



Acupuncture improves outcomes for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Acupuncture increases the efficiency of  biofeedback treatments and is also effective as a stand alone therapy for children with ADHD according to the        National Institute of Mental Health


Control portion size Everything in moderation Avoid overeating sick and disease Reduce Obesity Avoid become a national statistic

Imagine The Possibility The Possibilities The Future...



Ability to fit in grow learn advance grade school high school college grad school Thrive! Be the best to your ability their ability Alternative Medicine and Natural Alternative Medicine This is the future our future!

I Know How You Feel

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Day and night Day after day Weak after weak Year after year...



Until the day you dye I too live with chronic pain know immobility disability How hard life can be But here to tell you improvement is possible One step at a time Choose to win 

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