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Inflammation -- Leading Cause Of Pain

Inflammation Increases With Age


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Reduce Inflammation. Reduce pain

Inflammation -- The Silent Killer

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Inflammation the silent killer.  I know  chronic pain...inflammation Inflammatory disease. Do not let this happen to you. Uncontrolled inflammation plays a role in almost every disease including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and depression. (2) Americans are sicker. Health condition on the rise. Reduce inflammation. Reduce pain. Reduce disease.   Reduce medication. Reduce inflammation the silent killer. The medical community is coming on board to natural alternative health . Reduce pain naturally. Safe effective proven natural. Learn how to stop degeneration. Take simple steps to improve health now before misalignment disease and disability  destroy health and welfare. Many experience Degenerative Disc Disease DDD also know as Spondylosis where spinal discs degenerate cause increased pain:  Hip joint ball and socket joint bone on bone. Imagine PAIN.  Use Prevention. Allow me to explain. But first…

8% of the population—have diabetes, according to statistics released by the CDC in 2008. (1)  No more band aids. Safe. Effective proven and natural easy remedies restore health. Improve activities of daily living.  Help for PCOS too. Little daily changes to improve your health and rehabilitation. A quick note I ran across…

A study published in The Spine Journal reviewed multiple studies and found spinal manipulation, commonly utilized by doctors of chiropractic, is an effective option for chronic low back pain, reducing pain and disability compared to exercise and other strategies. Another study, this one published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, concluded that lower back pain patients who received chiropractic care were 55 percent less likely to fill an Opioid pain prescription than patients who did not receive chiropractic care. And  chiropractor adjustments work better and hold longer with balanced nutrition.   Spokesperson/Author


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Turmeric And Honey With Tea


Turmeric fights inflammation. Morning tea afternoon tea and evening tea. Drink tea with turmeric honey and favorite tea. Fight inflammation. I mix a jar of honey with few teaspoon or couple tablespoon of turmeric. I like peppermint tea with honey and Turmeric best. Feel better with less inflammation. The number one source of pain

Enjoy your tea. 

Turmeric On Meat And Fish


Add Turmeric to season meat and fish. Combine turmeric with favorite spices.  Sprinkle on meat or fish. Let turmeric becomes a staple seasoning. Let Turmeric Fight inflammation. Reduce inflammation. Enjoy better quality of life!

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