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Best Way To Sleep

 How well you sleep is linked to your health. Trauma surgeries health conditions rehabilitation...Been there many times It true sleep best medicine Body heals itself when you sleep Get as much rest as possible Speak from experience I find more answers to questions online The type of mattress makes a difference in how well you sleep The position you sleep makes a difference in the mattress to choose. And no matter what age always test the mattress and lay on the side you normally sleep

Best Kept Secret To Natural Healing

Trouble Sleeping

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Trouble Sleeping


Over 90% of people with chronic pain have sleep disorder Relive that from personal experience again Lack of healing  can lead to heath condition Increase pain progression decrease immune system increase disease including cancer heart disease Sleep disorder prevents healing accelerates aging process But you can improve sleep naturally I hope to give answers to some question...

Sleep Medicine

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Trouble Sleeping


Speaking from experience again Get sleep Decrease depression heart disease High blood pressure Diabetes Alzheimer Improve sleep control hunger decrease weight gain obesity be more productive feel better and look better...

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Chronic pain robs sleep from experience Chiropractor and acupuncture sure help! Get answers to question

Lack of sleep behavior: Toss and turn at night Chronic pain prevent relaxation Increase aches and pains Result:

  1. reduce of immune function 
  2. physical function 
  3. psychological ability 
  4. Chronic sleep deprivation impacts metabolism impaired glucose tolerance 
  5. risk for weight gain 
  6. diabetes 

Sleep Deprivation

Anxiety And Depression

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Lack quality sleep reduces melatonin (protects against cancer) and growth hormone production Nature's anti aging hormone reduce Rem Sleep Deep sleep Find more answers to questions from experience and research following pages

Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety And Depression


Deep sleep REM sleep repairs body naturally According to Dr Meir Kryger professor of medicine Yale School Of medicine contributor to Health Central  explain... Discover questions and answers from expert

Answer For Insomnia

Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety And Depression


Discover natural sleep remedies from experience questions and answers we need to know for beloved fur babies Reduce pain anxiety depression with essential oil And dog and cat below...

She Almost Here To Help You

Body Position When Sleeping


Discover importance of  spinal alignment for sleep Questions and answers Reduce pain Get good night sleep Wake up rested More energy More productive day Rejuvenate  body Assist body repair Remember simple steps Come from my experience


From experience place regular pillow under knees or between legs when sleep on side Keeps spine aligned Experience less pain Reduce pain for nap and  at night aahhhh! Oh by the way I enjoy sharing answers to questions you did not even know you had

Support Cervcal Spine

Love This! The neck needs support to stay aligned Awaken without headache no more dizziness Can not describe how much pain relief.  Love my chiroflow pillow instead of wedge water based pillow this is like waterbed for your head. Supports pressure points Sleep without and wake up without aches and pains This is my review from experience as usual. Sleep well my friend!! 

Get Out Of Bed Correctly

Back pain makes hard to get out of bed A mobility tip from experience And orthopedic exercise  for mobility Answers to questions Avoid immobility and disability and health issues 

Start Day Right

Stretching first thing in morning wake up muscles Loosen body Improve blood flow I stretch every morning and last thing at night Feel better in morning Immobility makes condition worse Mobility helps improve chronic pain from experience too Be prepared for soreness at first But uncomfortable gets better We were made to move And Drink  water! Like me maybe you can exercise through pain Always check with doctor first! Important! Chiropractor for spinal alignment  Ask about FREE consultation for answers to your questions

Sleep - Your Best Friend

Sleep Allows Body To Heal Naturally

50 to 70 million US adults have sleep disorder according to American Sleep Association ASA  Why adopt a furry friend Discover health benefits below...

Please adopt me I will help you feel better Unconditional love I will be your friend forever!

Please adopt me I will help you feel better Unconditional love I will be your friend forever! 


Spine misalignment hurt restict movement and mobility Prevents activities of daily living prevents sleep Discover who can help and how Go natural with chiropractor or Acupuncture Get instant pain reduction at first visit These and essential oil results and more from experience

Adopt A Friend In Need


Kittens play Calm with age Let me sleep Curl in your lap Cute Beautiful Majestic less work and responsibility than my doggie friend 


I  will give you reason to get up in  morning We go for walks Exercise mom Love me all day I will help your pain anxiety and depression go away if you let me Please consider an older dog Less romp and play



Can NOT imagine life without my fur baby puppy my boy! Helps me sleep exercise and gives life a purpose!







  • decrease blood pressure
  • decrease cholesterol level
  • decrease triglyceride level
  • decrease loneliness
  • increased exercise
  • increase outdoor activities
  • increase opportunity socialize...