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Chronic Gastrointestinal and functional  Bowel Disorder GI Disorder  You could very well be allergic to certain food like i am My doctor told me about the Fodmap Diet and I am cured My daughter feels better too "Mom I have more energy even after a meal"

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Facts

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After years of bloating every time after a meal no more IBS for me! Allow me to tell you...

Short Story

High school college young adult  into my early 50 IBS pain plague me I remember  two sets of clothes in my closet Many of you probably remember stay home from school work events Sick in Bed...

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Remember hot water bottles chicken beef  broth to settle your stomach only to have same condition after breakfast lunch  dinner day in day out Tears depression why me... 


My doctor told me "you are allergic to certain food." That's right tomatoes vinegar  make me sick...

Find Right Doctor

 My doctor is a medical doctor in a big medical practice and she also practice holistic medicine She told me she help many women with same health condition The Fodmap diet help me No more IBS symptoms! 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS

Spinal Alignment!

Misalignment of the spine can directly effect  digestive health according to  Chiropractic Care  and -Devine Chiropractic Adjustments can restore balance to  a stressed  digestive system

Be aware of these IBS symptoms in women IBS symptoms range in degree of pain and symptoms Onset of  serious symptom my be of great concern after 50 according to Mayo  

Explanation of importance of spinal alignment for function of organs central nervous system...


Acupuncture Help...

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Popular for IBS and other health condition Acupuncture improves energy throughout the body Acupuncture is proven to reduce chronic pain according to the National Institute of Health NIH 



I Feel Your Pain And Agony


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Discomfort stomach issues stomach pain bloating nausea Doctor appointment after physician visit Doctor says your medical tests are normal You have IBS  There is no medical treatment for the condition. No prescription medicine the doctor can prescribe.   


Try This On Your Own



What now  And you remember something  Eat less each main meal Eat small snacks all day long my doctor said  But I do that I said There has to be something  else I can do I can not live like this Always feel sick I feel like a failure  Do not get depressed Do NOT Lose Hope... 

Try This On Your Own

Try This On Your Own

Try This On Your Own


A little story IBS has been with me for years IBS chronic disease But discover help now  Imagine the relief I felt when my doctor said  try this Lots of my patients find good result and success The Body changes as we age Body can not process  food digest food  the way used to We feel bloated sick nauseous  diarrhea constipation You are allergic to certain food!

Meat Fish...

A Few Weeks All It Takes

Try This On Your Own


Welcome to natural Pain relief. Now I have a diet like no other diet and I would like to share with you. Beef poultry pork lamb seafood And I was surprised I can eat all food groups


Love Eggs And It's OK

A Few Weeks All It Takes

A Few Weeks All It Takes


I can have bacon and eggs over the weekend All I have to do is cut out a few things I can live with that!

A Few Weeks All It Takes

A Few Weeks All It Takes

A Few Weeks All It Takes


After just a few weeks introduce favorite food back into diet One at a time Now I can find out my allergies right away by how my stomach feels How the body reacts Now I know what hurts my body Simple, now I know what to eat I know what my digestive system will tolerate Look better Feel better after next meal Three step diet changed my life Thank You Doctor P...

Discover How To Have Breakfast Lunch And Dinner

Without Side Effects

No more bloating feeling sick nausea abdominal pain  diarrhea constipation Health condition are like dominoes One issue leads to the next Do not let this happen to you!  Eat food you buy at the grocery store  Get information and guidance Find natural diet information here NOW!


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I know how you feel for many reason!

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Doctor of Acupuncture

Doctor of Acupuncture


Spinal alignment necessary for blood flow organs function central nervous system even headache eyesight...

Doctor of Acupuncture

Doctor of Acupuncture

Doctor of Acupuncture


Let acupuncture needles remove pain right out of you Feel rejuvenate  like budding flower in Spring - My first experience...


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