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The Diagnosis: She won't make it and if she does...But she did in a Big Way. After graduating with a BA in Communications/Marketing she became an International Author then an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist and now a  Rehabilitation Copywriter. Experience background knowledge passion and a mission to make a difference.  Captivating Encouraging and Motivating  audiences with real stories.

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Her life--in jeopardy. What followed--A Miracle. Therapy came in many forms. Rehabilitation many years. Determination motivation and perseverance makes this copywriter keep  going with the help of her chiropractor...She strives for optimal health. Helping others along the way. This Copywriter has and continues making a difference from her  misfortune struggles and challenges.  A benefit and advantage for you. 


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 The power from within fueled by this Copywriter's  sheer  determination persistence motivation and perseverance allowed her to survive the unthinkable. A purpose compelled her to conquer countless challenges through childhood adolescence adulthood. And fire to help those in similar situations keeps her going strong. Moving  forward. She struggled through grade school high school and graduated collage with a BA Communications/Marketing before spreading her wings. She knows your target market first hand. Inside and out. Discover how you can use her knowledge to help your business. Learn how her cause is similar to yours. This copywriter understands importance of emotion in copy. Provide understanding encouragement inspiration and hope. Let your audience be captivated motivated by one of their peers. Let s show emotion with your facts. Allow your target market to see rehabilitation in action. Copy that's captivating, engaging, inspiring ...Give your audience  a reason to trust you. Give them  reason to keep doing business with you. Allow high impact content. Let them have a mentor. Allow them to feel connected. Keep your target market inspired. Let them grow with you.  

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