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Our Lifetime repetitive behavior bend twist turn lift computer work and text over and over again equals repetitive stress on cervical spine About two thirds people experience neck pain sometime in their life  Remember when mother told you to stand up straight Correct posture prevent chronic pain health condition You are never too late too young too old to improve health condition See what I have gone through My journey

You Are Not Alone


Cervical Disk Disease degenerative  process cause for dislocation Here comes pain Pain radiates to extremities  Numbness tingling neck shoulders arms hands fingers Effects quality of life Watch Out! Tension herniated disc whiplash subluxation in neck can cause headache vision problem difficulty sleeping Cervical dislocation Hypermobile moving in and out of natural position Talk to chiropractor or pain specialist Find out what part of spine controls what part of body Author of this Website also suffers from multiple conditions I know how you feel!

Age Gracefully


Make a choice to fight like I did and  still do every day Accept your condition The  situation Have an open mind    This website is My gift to you   "Smile and the world smiles with you" Surround yourself with positive people Call an old friend "Surprise" Get Involved Find a hobby Volunteer Brighten your surroundings Positive attitude Join a group Be a friend Adopt a furry friend Count your blessings And  ask for help 

And Be Surprised!!

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Polycistic Ovary Syndrome PCOS


Acupuncture helps PCOS and the whole body work better!

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


Daughter suffers from PCOS A mother wants the best for her children Extra pounds More prone to back pain Mom wants to help!