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Balanced Diet


Reduce lower back pain  chronic pain nerve and muscle pain. Improve spine with balanced nutrition. Right amount of vitamins and nutrients can reduce back problems. Part of pain management


Vitamins For Healthy Spine


Vitamin B-12 responsible for keeping calcium in the bones (meets cheese eggs)


Nutrition And Supplements That Promote Spine Health, Dr Kevin Pauza, Biologic Disc Treatment

Anti-Inflammitory Diet


Kale Spinach and Broccoli. Balanced nutrition Total Health Optimal Health. Healthy Spine Healthy Central Nervous System. Your diet: Kale Spinach and Broccoli Avocado Walnut Almond Pecan Brazil nut. Lean protein. Chicken  Turkey Beans Cocoa. Reduce Lower Back Pain Chronic  Pain Immobility Disability. Pain Management. Improve quality of life and Longevity.


Degenerative Disc Disease


Keep weight down. Healthy foods like fruit vegetable fish whole grains lean meat beans and healthy fat like olive oil can help to keep weight in control. 


Does Degenerative Disc Disease Go Away


Unfortunately no.  Weight loss important! Weight puts pressure on the spine. Cause increased back pain and degeneration. Recent studies show a link between obesity and degeneration of the spine and neck.


P.S. Early Osteoarthritis. Degenerative bone disease because a near fatal accident. Multiple surgeries. Now skeletal imbalance. And muscular imbalance. My research may be to your benefit too. 

Sleep With Back Pain


* Sleep with a pillow between knees keeps spine aligned

* Fetal position

*Pillow under abdomen

*Pillow under knees

A firm mattress is recommended to maintain spinal alignment


The Best Sleeping Positions For Lower Back Pain Alignment Tips And More

Medically reviewed by William Morrison, MD, June 15, 2017--Written by Ashley Marcin, Health Line


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