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Improve lower back pain neck pain foot pain back pain headache...

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Accident surgery rehabilitation chronic pain mental and physical and the   aging process Aging starts at 40 Avoid aging before it gets you At any age Young or old I am proof This is my history What the author of this Website has been through I am no stranger to struggle and pain I know how you feel...

Serious Accident (age 6)

Lumbar Surgery (age 31)

Early Osteoarthritis

Hip Replacement

Cervical Surgery 

Early Osteoarthritis

Plantar Fasciitis...

Spinal misalignment require adjustment for the rest of my life Every step of rehabilitation is step in right direction  cause for celebration!

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Surgery not always the answer. I have been there been in your shoes Find information  and links. Reduce pain. stress and frustration. Improve recovery Let your mind absorb natural alternative health information and valuable facts about the human body Prescription medication would have killed me by now! Discover how you too can reduce prescription medication Discover pain management Health and welfare the  natural way 


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Improve chronic pain shoulder pain  back pain lower back pain headache Arthritis pain Osteoarthritis pain Quick recovery from surgery Natural alternative medicine Safe pain free no side effects Reduce stress and anxiety Reduce pain Find pain relief and health improvement Allow me to explain  Imagine quality of life not just a dream Join me Be the best you can be And do it pain free At least reduced pain Make life an adventure Swim upstream not downstream Do not give up. Count your blessings Too much to live for Never quit Choose health!

Heath Is Your Greatest Asset!

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Improve pain and chronic pain Health condition Arthritis osteoarthritis Avoid surgery Find Health issues with links on this website One health issue leads to the next health problem like dominoe Information to improve your health  The  body can heal itself. Choose to help your body heal itself. You are your own boss. Make the right decision You are worth it!

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Immediate pain relief Improve Arthritis pain Symptoms of fibromyalgia lower back pain Osteoarthritis and discomfort and  surgery recovery Improve mobility Improve activities of daily living Make a difference Avoid  health  conditions. reduce health problem with spinal alignment 

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A lifetime of experience is a great teacher Multiple surgeries early Osteoarthritis Plantar Fasciitis Fibromyalgia A patient and a  peer shares her knowledge education and research Living with pain day after day changes a life well lived Only memories now. But you can improve pain no matter what age. Reduce pain  even eliminate pain lower back pain headache migraine. Allow me to share what I know.  Information  at Glance.

Inflammation the greatest source of pain...



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