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Lower back pain. chronic pain. Migraine. Surgery not always the answer. I have been through hell and back. Experienced more than a person should endure in a lifetime starting at an early age. Learn with someone thats been in your shoes.  Find information and links. Reduce pain. Experience less stress. Improve recovery. Let your mind absorb alternative health information and valuable facts about the human body. Prescription medication would have killed me by now! Let me show you what I prefer for better health and welfare.

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Discover natural alternative medicine works. Information from someone that knows struggle. Knows frustration. Feel the pain. Someone to relate to. Reduce stress and anxiety. Like me you can reduce pain instantly. You can have pain relief and health improvement.  Quality of life  no longer just a  dream. Make a decision. Join me. Swim upstream. Dont give up. Never quit. Choose  improve health. Reduce prescription medication. Improve  health the natural way. The body heals itself. Reverse the hands of time. Reduce the aging process today.


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Natural pain relief and better heath is possible naturally. At any age. Young or old. I am proof. I know how you feel. Here is my history of health conditions you might relate to...

Serious Accident

Lumbar Surgery

Early Osteoarthritis

Hip Replacement

Cervical Surgery 

Early Osteoarthritis

Plantar Fasciitis...

Every step of rehabilitation is step in right direction. A cause for celebration

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Discover facts about specific health conditions. Health issues with links from Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association, American Chiropractic Association and more. Health condition like the domino effect. One health issue  leads to the next. Information to improve your health week after week on my Blog.  Natural health options. The  body can heal itself. Find natural alternative for better health. You are worth it!

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Immediate pain relief. Improve mobility.  Increase activity level. Improve  the mind.  Improve health today tomorrow next week next year.  Let me encourage you. Inspire you. Let me show you steps for better health. Make a difference in your health. Researched information Include  health conditions that can be reduced with spinal alignment  and more.

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A lifetime of experience sets me apart. Add vested interest for research.  Imagine health information at a glance. Realize the comfort knowing someone knows how you feel. A patient and a  peer. Living with after day. You too can turning  tragedy into triumph like i did.  Health  Information At A Glance.



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