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I hope you find more answers to questions you have  from my own personal experience including sciatica pain rehabilitation...   

Reduce Even Eliminate Pain

Discover information about sciatica pain rehabilitation on this Website I am a child that beat the odds Still do! How do you do it I'll show my secret s Follow me through my journey Each page shows you information I use. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

appointment as soon as possible


Dreaded Phone Call

Chronic pain sciatica lower back pain rehabilitation "Due to Covid-19 Corona virus we need to reschedule your appointment" 

What Now

Three weeks since last appointment and my next appointment is in two days Hope all progress of pain therapy and other rehabilitation will stay with me Hope we do not have to start all over!

Surprise! Guess What

My sciatica chronic pain I felt for past twenty some years was suddenly almost total GONE!

The Short Journey

Took four acupuncture appointments for pain relief My doctor explained "First visits  two reduce inflammation Second two acupuncture needle injection inserts energy to promote healing process" This my kind of rehabilitation!


It has been well over a month and still virtually no pain Imagine less to zero prescription pain medication  and improve activities of daily living with more mobility Imagine how this can help rehabilitation progression and progress So exciting

Improve Quality Of Life

 You can have this too Pain Relief  Think about how this would help physical therapy for one Imagine rehabilitation opportunity You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

This Could be your future Or your Past

A Short Story

For years I was in chronic pain  Unfortunately childhood fall disease accident come back to haunt you later in life My pain started mid twenty Natural alternative medicine was my first choice Treat the cause of pain not just the symptom is what I want As little prescription medicine as possible Do not become statistic Then came unavoidable surgery First one early thirty and rehabilitation over and over again Now middle age I share my experience knowledge and current research What keeps me going strong every day  These remedies not a secret Many people benefit! And you might discover what will improve your health somewhere on these nineteen page of my website This lady hopes you do!!!


Proven Success

First Up

First Up

First Up


Spinal misalignment is painful cause for poor blood flow affects organ function central nervous system brain ability even eyesight! Avoid havoc Get aligned as soon as possible Regain mobility Any age Elderly may need rehabilitation


First Up

First Up


Allow acupuncture to decrease additional inflammation and promote further healing Rehabilitation possible Keep moving 

Be Aware: Inflammation number one reason for pain!

Third Make No Mistake

After Chiropractor And Or Acupuncture

Mobility increase activity of daily living Rehabilitation Easy does it One step at a time You may feel uncomfortable a little pain Easy Gym may be too vigorous Not necessary with Orthopedic Exercise  Movement: cleaning vacuuming or gardening count Move the body! Walk your fur baby Play with him or her Get muscles work ing again Ambitious like me Check out Orthopedic Exercise Exercises at home At your own pace On your own time  Exercise helps you sleep  better too!


This could be you


Always Remember This

Always Remember This


Bi-week or weekly pedicure appointment Need this these days because too stiff too much pain to do your nails Friday Saturday Sunday pampering A memory But imagine this should you have to cut nails between salon visits After acupuncture I cut my own toe nails between my pedicure appointments  WOW this is result of acupuncture and chiropractic together Keep moving Gently Do not hurt yourself!

Always Remember This

Always Remember This

Always Remember This


Slow natural body degeneration Nobody immune! Reduce pain and inflammation Improve mobility focus and mental ability Rehabilitation Increase mobility at any age Feel what rejuvenation feels like with acupuncture What a feeling!