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Ines has been making a difference for years. After graduating college she did not stop making a difference. She adopted wrote inspirational books became an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist and author of this chronic pain website...My hope is you find strength determination and perseverance from a child left for dead...


You inspired me after my car accident. Parametics said I was lucky to be alive. My orthopedic doctor diagnosed a fractured vertebra. You relieved my immediate anxiety and confusion and teach me how to reduce my pain and anxiety. You showed me how to improve my health. I have lost 15 pounds and am determined to make my life healthier and better. I feel much better already. Thank you so much Ines. You are my inspiration. I couldn’t have done it without you!

-Donna Ford-

"Ines worked at Fitness 54 under our personal training department NuVision. She had an excellent rapport with our members, & focused her training on the older members.

She has a fascinating life story."

-J D Holmes-

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“When I started training with Ines, I had trouble moving. Within a short time, with her expertise, direction and encouragement, I noticed improvement in my balance and flexibility. Ines is a great motivator. I look forward to coming to our exercise sessions.” -Diane Grubbs-


“Ines is a great motivator and fitness mentor. I have been struggling with my fitness goals and weight since an injury a few years ago. She has gotten me back on the right path to health and fitness. Ines has helped me immensely to correct my exercise techniques so that I don’t get re injured.” -Kathy Swacina-  

 The phrase "learn to walk before you can run" was used often by Ines in our months of training.  After showing me with a few very simple floor exercises, how weak my muscles were, Ines convinced me, in her soft-spoken and encouraging way, that we needed to retrain my muscles with coaxing rather than "pushing.”  She understood about starting over, as she had experienced her own relearning to health process; "walk before you can run." -Cathy Bohanon-  

" Through her gentle and very simple processes my body responded and my muscles woke up.  Many days were worse or better than others but with her encouragement I am one year stronger and in much better shape.  Did I regain my youth or my speed, or will I be the one you are looking at in a room of shapely 20+ year olds?   No! But I am stronger and I am years away from being in a position of falling due to poor balance and inadequate muscle tone to support myself. -Linda Ateburn-  

 “NuVision and 54 Fitness Gym has a gem in personal trainer Ines Hatch.  She understands the aging body and the requirements of regaining and maintaining the mechanics to keep any advancing body, as we all are, safe and healthy. Thank you, sincerely, Ines!” 

-Elizabeth Taylor-   

Thank you to all the doctors and nurses That helped save my life.



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