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Sometimes We Care Too Much

...We Care To Much Part One


Over 100 million Americans suffer chronic pain. 

Discover how to reduce chronic pain immobility disease and disability.  Improve  chronic pain.  Control pain without pain killers. Extinguish the fire not just the smoke. One step at a time.  Take control. Addiction can happen quickly. Without warning.  Health and welfare declines fast.... 

Regain quality of life. Look good. Feel good. Avoid rapid aging. Age gracefully.  Here a secret. An impinged spine  or misalignment  restricts blood flow nerve function and body process. Reduce prescription medicine. Now safe  effective proven pain free alternative many don’t know about. But first I know how you feel. Symptoms of pain are silent at first. Activities of daily living  decrease . Immobility then  disability sets in. Worked as an orthopedic exercise specialist. Spine efects central nervous system. Statistics  show 59% reported an impact on overall enjoyment of life. 77% reported feeling depressed. 70% have trouble concentrating. 74% have their energy level impacted due to pain. 86% of patients report inability to sleep well. This could be your future. Change your future like I am. I encourage a  chiropractic evaluation.  Pain free Safe Effective Natural choice for pain relief. Learn whats worked for me and countless others. Heres why...

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Pain is the leading reason for health care visits. And disability.  No more pain. Take charge of health conditions now. But first... 

Functional medicine the emerging 21st century new medicine alternative medicine teaches us to treat the cause of pain not only the symptoms. Improper spinal alignment affects the central nervous system. #1  Spinal alignment.  Chiropractors find the source of your pain. Correct it safely comfortably and naturally. Relieve the source of pain.  Prevention. Stop progression. Extinguish the fire not just the smoke. Let me explain. 

  And remember this… 

The longer you leave misalignment the more inflammation  the worse the condition, pain and health condition becomes. Move the clock backwards. Reduce pain. Prevent further damage.  Explore  chiropractor evaluation today. Feel better tomorrow. Learn how to improve lower back pain...


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...We Care...Part Three


Lower back pain. First sign of trouble. Overweight people are more prone to back pain. Once pain starts doesnt stop. Quality of life goes down the drain...

 But chronic pain weakness and functional decline can become thing of the past. Regain mobility balance  strength. Regain coordination agility productivity. More than just a possibility. Treat the cause of immobility. Majority of Americans experience back pain in  their lifetime. 80% will have back problems. Most common lower back pain. Low back pain the second most common cause of disability in the US. Your not alone.  Look out for misalignment . Allow me to explain. The body. Listen to the body. Meet Marsha. A girl of six years old.  Accident.  Recovery. Therapy. Persistence and perseverance. The gym became her second home. Strength training and cardio. It pays to exercise no matter what age or condition.  Don’t allow pain misalignment  immobility or disability stop you.  Say hello to prevention. Chiropractor adjustment equals better health. Every two weeks for me at least.

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Part Three Continued...



Prevent Pain


Build muscles before during and after 40. Your health depends on it. 

Exercise is the link to quality of life and longevity. Remember it’s never too late. One never knows what cards life will deal you. Start core exercises today. Exercises for lower back pain. Strengthen back, stomach, and leg muscles. Support your spine, relieve back pain. www.webmd.com/back-pain/ss/slideshow-exercises Feel pain relief. Regain mobility. Strengthen your core. Avoid surgery. Here’s why…

Spinal bones provide the supporting frame of the back. Connected to your frame is an intricate system of muscles and ligaments that increase the strength and stability of spine, arms and legs. Muscles help protect bones. Shock Absorbents. Abdominal muscles and back muscles key components of muscular network keep the body functioning. Strong core helps back pain. www.healthstatus.com/health.../six-signs-that-indicate-you-have-a-weak-core/  Weak core muscles lead to fatigue less endurance poor posture injuries....

Strong core muscles lead to better balance and stability and rehabilitation  at any age any condition. Don’t let poor muscle tone rob you or your future.  Exercise your way out of pain. Feel better physically and mentally. Notice health improvement. increase productivity. Health is the greatest asset. Chiropractic evaluation for spinal alignment  Be good to yourself. You’re quality of life depends on it. 


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