The Definition of Rehabilitation

ROM, mobility, flexibility, results

My Goals for Your Copy

  Allow rehabilitation results and benefits to speak to your patients. Let them see what can be in their future. Ignite the unconscious. Allow hope. The greatest motivater...Let patients help you help them rehabilitate. 

Chiropractic Copy Blogs and Content is best with more than facts. It needs to paint pictures. Captivating. Engaging. Memorable images. Show results and benefits. A spokesperson someone who's been and continues to be in similar situations of challenges and pain tells the story the best. Tells it from the heart. Strikes nerves. Brings action. 

This copywriter has a vested interest in research. Someone who's still swimming upstream. Battling the current. Without allowing rocks fish or algae to get in the way. This  is called experience. Imagine your copy grabbing attention. Engaging. Captivating and Motivating. Your audience relating to you. Words pictures bring copy to life. Experiences your patients can relate to --Empathy--. Relationships are established.

Stories stick with people. Stories travel. Emotion sells products and services.  Your customers  feel you understand them. You feel their pain... Now you are human. Their hero. Set yourself apart.  your copy shines.  Allow me to find the Golden Nugget. The  Golden Thread meander through your copy.  Let me arouse their senses. Motivate them.The soft sell approach paves the way to action. Allow a peer of  your Target Market captivate your audience--Speak from the heart--. Realize the effectiveness of  a peer. Someone who's beat the odds time and time again. The Hidden Piece of The Puzzle. Your target market is looking for to identify with.  Their hopes and dreams of range of motion mobility flexibility...are possible. Proof from a spokesperson who's been there A through Z. Captivating stories of  accomplishment and success sell.  Set yourself apart. Do your audience a favor. Be a Hero.



Marsha's Song: A Celebration Of Life

A special gift for the Holidays

Display real testimonials

  A Review Worth Sharing 

 Ines A Hatch Expert Health Copywriter - Boosting ROI in the Chiropractic Industry 

Since I work behind the scenes and no one really knows who I am, I rarely get to meet you or hear your amazing stories first hand…   And I have to say, “This weekend changed my life.”   I was moved to tears so many times and I’ve felt levels of gratitude like never before.   Thank you Ines for being on this mission with us. Thank you for sharing your stories.  Thank you for spreading the word. Thank you for spreading the LOVE. Thank you for supporting others in your life. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for allowing us into your life. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing.   Thank you for having hope. Thank you for giving hope. Thank you for being positive. Thank you for being you.   I’m so honored to be on this journey with you.   We are changing the world.  We are saving lives. And we are making one heck of a difference.   Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for how much you give to us and everyone else in your life.    Thank you.   Jonathan  

AWAI Trained Freelance Copywriter

Your target market doesn't just  want facts anymore. They want proof  your product or service works. Painting pictures of benefits captures the imagination builds trust and sells products and services. Mix that with the voice of a survivor. Imagine the response from your target market and patients when they read blogs and content from you with the voice of a spokesperson.  

Let me introduce you to some of my clients  at Fitness 54, Peachtree City, GA. 

A Miracle Child

   “Confined in a world of silence, she awoke after seven weeks. Ines experienced a kaleidoscope of life experiences that makes Marsha’s Song a must read for anyone whose life is touched by apprehension, disappointment, pain, and torment….She met and surpassed her own expectations and mine as well…freeing her spirit through hard work, intellectual and personal growth and accomplishment…As a college student, Ines was determined to meet every challenge she faced.” -Anthony J Mussari, PH.D. - Professor and Chairman Mass Communications/MediaTechnologies Dept. Kings College  

Emotion ---The Heart of Advertising.

Business is based on relationships. Start  building more today. And strengthen the ones you already have.